May 29, 2024

What Foods Are Commonly Associated with Listeria Outbreaks?

Given the two mystery Listeria monocytogenes outbreaks the government is currently investigating, it is a good idea to know what foods are commonly associated with Listeria monocytogenes outbreaks? This deadly infection has severe consequences; many people who contract it require hospitalization. If you are at higher risk for complications from this infection, you should think about avoiding these foods. Those who are at higher risk include the elderly, the very young, anyone with a chronic illness such as diabetes, anyone with a compromised immune system, and pregnant women. Most people who are sickened with this infection are older, have a chronic illness, or are pregnant; 90% of patients fall into those categories. Others who contract this infection rarely become seriously … [Read more...]

History of Outbreaks Linked to Precut Melon is Long

The Salmonella Tailor Cut precut melon outbreak is still going on, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. At least 96 people in 11 states are sick, as of the last update almost a month ago. Twenty-seven people have been hospitalized because they are so sick, and some recalls have been issued. How many multistate food poisoning outbreaks have been linked to precut melon? After all, not many people associate fresh fruit with food poisoning. Unfortunately, the list is long. Fruit can be contaminated with pathogens in many ways, including during the growing season, during harvest, and during processing. These are the most recent food poisoning outbreaks linked to precut melon: Salmonella Javiana outbreak linked to Tailor Cut Melon. This outbreak has … [Read more...]

Top 10 Multistate Food Poisoning Outbreaks For 2019

These top 10 multistate food poisoning outbreaks for 2019 sickened thousands of people, hospitalized hundreds, and killed some people. They ranged from multiple cyclospora outbreaks to outbreaks linked to ground beef, turkey and chicken, pig ear dog treats, and romaine lettuce. Many lawsuits were filed in response to these outbreaks. Cyclospora Outbreaks. This collection of individual and multistate outbreaks sickened more than 2400 people in 2019. This number represents a substantial increase over the cyclospora outbreaks in 2017 and 2018. JBS Tolleson ground beef Salmonella Newport outbreak. This outbreak sickened more than 400 people and hospitalized 117. Several recalls were issued, since the ground beef was sold under many different brand names. Raw Turkey Salmonella … [Read more...]

Caito Melon Salmonella Number 7 in Top Food Poisoning Outbreaks of 2019

The number 7 food poisoning outbreak of 2019 was the Caito melon Salmonella Carrau outbreak that sickened at least 137 people in 10 states. Thirty-eight people were hospitalized because they were so sick. No deaths were reported in this multistate outbreak.   The case count by state was: Alabama (1), Iowa (2), Illinois (7), Indiana (26), Kentucky (26), Michigan (22), Minnesota (3), Missouri (8), Ohio (42), and Wisconsin (1). Illnesses started on March 3, 2019, and the last illness was reported on May 1, 2019. The patient age range was from less than one year to 98. Of 104 people who gave information about their illness to government officials, 38, or 37%, were hospitalized. That is almost double the normal rate of hospitalization for a Salmonella outbreak, which is about … [Read more...]

CDC Says Caito Precut Melon Salmonella Outbreak is Over

The CDC says that the Caito Precut Melon Salmonella Carrau outbreak is over, after sickening 137 people in 10 states. Thirty-eight people have been hospitalized. This last outbreak notice recognizes an increase of 20 cases since the last update in mid-April 2019. The case count by state is: Alabama (1), Iowa (2), Illinois (7), Indiana (26), Kentucky (26), Michigan (22), Minnesota (3), Missouri (8), Ohio (42), and Wisconsin (1). Illnesses started on March 3, 2019, and the last illness was reported on May 1, 2019. Most of the patients in this outbreak are female. Since these products were recalled in April and are long past their shelf life, there should not be many more cases. Officials used PulseNet, the national sub typing network of labs that collect and store bacterial … [Read more...]

FDA Updates Caito Foods Salmonella Carrau Melon Outbreak

The FDA has updated the Caito Foods Salmonella Carrau melon outbreak. The latest numbers are 137 people sick in 10 states. Thirty-eight people, or  28%,  have been hospitalized because they are so ill, which is a high number for a typical Salmonella outbreak. Usually only 20% of patients are hospitalized when they are sickened with this pathogen. Caito Foods recalled many different types of cut melon products, including Melon Mix, Honeydew Chunks, Cantaloupe Spears, Fruit Burst, Fruit Snack Tray, Watermelon Spear, and Seasonal Fruit Salad among others, on April 12, 2019. Some of these products were sold at Kroger, Spartan Nash, Target, Walmart, and Amazon/Whole Foods locations. It is not likely that any of these products are still in consumer's homes, because the shelf life of … [Read more...]

Will Two Salmonella Outbreaks Linked to Tuna and Melons Grow?

There are currently two Salmonella outbreaks that have sickened at least 130 people in the U.S.: one is linked to precut melons supplied by Caito Foods, and the other to raw ground frozen tuna supplied by JK Fish and imported by Jensen Tuna. The latest updates for these outbreaks were released in April 2019. Will these Salmonella outbreaks grow? It takes two to four weeks from the time a person eats contaminated food, starts feeling sick, sees their doctor, is tested, and gets the results. The illness is then reported to the government, and isolates from that patient may be sent to PulseNet, the national sub typing network of public health laboratories. The only new information provided in 3-1/2 weeks in the raw tuna outbreak was that the FDA has added JK Fish of Vietnam to an … [Read more...]

FDA Weighs in on Caito Foods Precut Melon Salmonella Outbreak

The FDA has released information about its investigation into the Caito Foods precut melon Salmonella outbreak that has now sickened at least 117 people in 32 states. The states where ill people live are Alabama, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Thirty-two people have been hospitalized because they are so sick. Officials are asking that anyone who has purchased precut melon make sure that it is not prepared by Caito Foods. These products include honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, and products made with those melons, including fruit mix, fruit platters, and fruit salads. Caito Foods recalled their products on April 12, 2019 and has temporarily stopped production while the CDC and state health departments investigate. The … [Read more...]

Precut Melon Salmonella Carrau Outbreak Sickens 117 in 10 States

The Caito Foods precut melon Salmonella Carrau outbreak has now sickened at least 117 people in 10 states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Thirty-two people, or 36%,  have been hospitalized, which is a high percentage for a Salmonella outbreak. That's an increase of 24 patients in 11 days.  Iowa has been added to the list of states affected by this outbreak. The case count by state is: Alabama (1), Iowa (1), Illinois (7), Indiana (23), Kentucky (21), Michigan (22), Minnesota (3), Missouri (7), Ohio (31), and Wisconsin (1).  Illness onset dates range from March 4 to April 8, 2019. The patient age range is from less than one to 98 years. More than 70% of patients who have been interviewed said they ate pre-cut melon the week before they got … [Read more...]

Lawyer Gives Advice About Long History of Prepared Produce Outbreaks

The Salmonella Carrau outbreak that is linked to precut melon products sold at Target, Walmart, Kroger, and other stores has prompted questions about prepared produce. And unfortunately, the history of prepared produce outbreaks is long. Any food can be contaminated with pathogens. The fruits and vegetables can pick up bacteria in the fields, during harvest, during transport, and during processing. While people don't naturally think of produce as a cause of outbreaks, Salmonella in produce is in the top ten pathogen-food combinations that cause food poisoning. And in our modern food production and distribution system, produce that is harvested around the world is brought to huge central processing centers. The fruits and vegetables are cleaned and cut and packaged together. That … [Read more...]

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