November 24, 2014

E. coli in Ranchers Legacy Ground Beef Prompts Recall


E. coli in Ranchers Legacy Meat has prompted a 1,200-pound recall. All products produced by the Vadnais Heights, Minn. company on Nov. 19, 2014 are subject to recall. The recalled products were packaged in plastic cryovac sealed packets in various weights and distributed nationwide. The recalled products have a Package Code or Use By date of 12/10/2014 and bear the establishment number “Est. 40264” inside the USDA mark of inspection. A list of stores that received the product is not yet available. The recalled prodIndividual products include: Ranchers Legacy Ground Beef Patties 77/23, Ranchers Legacy Ground Chuck Patties 80/20, Ranchers Legacy USDA Choice Ground Beef 80/20, Ranchers Legacy USDA Choice WD Beef Patties 80/20, Ranchers Legacy RD Beef Patties 80/20,OTG Manufacturing … [Read more...]

Vinacafe’s Wake Up Weasel Instant Coffee Mix Recalled for Undeclared Milk, Soy


Evershing International Trading is  recalling Vinacafe brand Wake Up Weasel Instant Coffee mix for undeclared milk and soy. Consumers with milk and soy allergies should not use  this product as they run the risk of a serious or life threatening allergic reaction if they do. The product contains Sodium Caseinate, a milk derivative,  and soy extract. The Vinacafe Brand Wake Up Weasel Instant Coffee mix 3‐in‐1 was distributed in California, Washington, Oregon, and Oklahoma in two types of packaging:  20 sachets (17g) packaged in a plastic bag, and 20 sachets(17g) packaged in a paper box. No illnesses have been reported to date. Consumers concerned about an illness related to this product should see a doctor.   … [Read more...]

Kozy Shack Simply Well Pudding Recalled for Undeclared Milk


Kozy Shack Enterprises LLC is recalling some of its Foodservice Kozy Shack Simply Well Chocolate Pudding cups because they contain undeclared milk. Consumers with milk allergies should not eat this product as they run the risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they do. The recalled product was distributed through foodservice distribution channels in: Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin. It was not sold in retail stores. The product was packaged in clear 4 oz. plastic containers with the yellow lids and the Kozy Shack label.  They were marled with the lot number: 31637681,  the Item Code: … [Read more...]

Avocados Recalled for Salmonella


According to an FDA enforcement report, avocados packed by Unity Groves are being recalled for possible Salmonella contamination. This is an "ongoing" recall, dated the week of November 19, 2014. There isn't much information about the recalled avocados, other than they are packed in a brown cardboard box with green print. There are no known lot codes. The recall is for 80 cases with 32 whole avocados in each case. The recall initiation date is 10-30-2014 and the avocados were distributed in Texas. The label on the cardboard box reads "Unity Groves Pride of the Redlands Florida Avocados 25399 SW 157 Ave Homestead, FL 33031." Latin Specialties got the avocados on October 10, 2014 If you purchased avocados in Texas in the last month, ask your grocer if they received this recalled … [Read more...]

Bee Pollen Recalled for Undeclared Drugs

Forever Beautiful Bee Pollen Recall

REFA Enterprises, LLC is voluntarily recalling Forever Beautiful Bee Pollen and Forever Beautiful Infinity because they contain undeclared Sibutramine or a combination of both Sibutramine and Phenolphthalein, discovered through FDA analysis. Sibutramine is an appetite suppressant that was removed from the U.S. market in October 2010 because of increased risk of seizures, heart attacks, arrhythmia, and strokes. Phenolphthalein is an ingredient that was used in over-the-counter laxatives, but because of concerns of carcinogenicity, it is not currently approved for use in this country. These undeclared ingredients make the products unapproved new drugs. The products can interact in life-threatening ways with other medications and can be dangerous on their own. Sibutramine can increase … [Read more...]

Sausages Recalled for Undeclared Milk

Fabrique Delices Saucission Recall

Sapar USA of California is recalling 12 pounds of sausage products because they contain nonfat dry milk, one of the major food allergens, that is not declared on the label. Anyone with an allergy to milk could have a serious reaction if they consume this product. No reactions have been reported to date. The recalled product is Fabrique Delices, Saucission A L'ail Garlic Sausage - Nonfat Dry Milk Added", each about 0.83-pound. The product code is 5511. The misbranded products bear the label of another product, "Fabrique Delices, Saucisson Sec". The product was made on November 6, 2014, and has the establishment number "EST 6206" inside the USDA mark of inspection. The sausages were sold through distribution centers in California, Pennsylvania, and Texas to institutional and retail … [Read more...]

Recall of Curry Powder for Undeclared Nuts Updated

Cool Runnings Curry Powder Recall

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Universal Impex Corp. are updating the recall of Cool Runnings curry powders for undeclared peanut and almond (tree nuts). The recall now includes additional products. Peanuts and almonds are two of the major food allergens. Those with an allergy to those ingredients could have a life-threatening reaction if they consume these products. No illnesses have been reported to date. The recalled products are all Cool Runnings brand name. They are Jamaican Style Curry Powder in 500 gram containers. The codes on that product are 140617, 140616, 140711, 140729 and 140806, and the UPC number is 6 24913 00218 2. Also recalled is Jamaican Style Curry powder in 225 gram containers. The codes are 140617, 140616, 140711, 140729 and 140806 and the UPC number is 6 … [Read more...]

Recall of Pretzel Dog Products Expanded

Kunzler Pretzel Dogs Soy Recall

The USDA has expanded the recall of Pretzel Hot Dogs for undeclared soy, one of the major food allergens. The original recall was issued on November 15, 2014. The company is recalling an additional 12,282 pounds of the products, bringing the total to 1,208,951 pounds. The products were produced November 14, 2013 to November 14, 2014. No reports of adverse reactions have been received to date. The newly recalled products include Kunzler Cheddar Pepper Frank Pretzel Dogs, Kunzler Pretzel Dogs, Kunzler Turkey Pretzel Dogs, and Berks All Beef Pretzel Franks. The products have the establishment number "EST. or P-34073" or "34073" inside the USDA mark of inspection. They were shipped nationwide for retail distribution and fundraising. This recall doesn't affect Auntie Anne's pretzel stores … [Read more...]

Krakus Borscht Recalled for Undeclared Milk

Krakus Borscht Recall

In Canada, Tonsell International is recalling Krakus brand Red Borscht Soup from the marketplace because it contains milk, one of the major food allergens, that is not declared on the label. Those with an allergy to milk could have a serious allergic reaction if they eat this product. No illnesses have been reported to date. The recalled product is Krakus Red Borscht Soup in 1.5 liter containers. All codes where milk is not declared on the label are recalled. The UPC number is 5 901886 015704. It was sold in Ontario and Quebec at the retail level. If you purchased this product and are allergic to milk, do not eat it. Discard or return it to the place of purchase for a full refund. … [Read more...]

Smoked Nova Salmon Recalled for Listeria Monocytogenes


Acme Smoked Fish Corporation is voluntarily recalling 564 pounds of Nova smoked salmon sold in Giant supermarkets because it may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. Testing by the Virginia Department of Agriculture found the bacteria in one package. No illnesses have been reported to date, but listeriosis, the illness caused by Listeria monocytogenes, can take up to 70 days to appear after exposure. The recalled product is Imported (Product of Denmark) Acme 4 ounce (113 gram) vacuum smoked salmon. The lot code is L.05122014 and the UPC number is 2338410406. It was distributed to Giant Food stores in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington D.C. If you purchased this product, do not eat it. Discard in a sealed container so animals can't get at the product, or return it or … [Read more...]

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