April 19, 2024

Healthy Harvest Farm Raw Milk Outbreak in MN Sickens at Least 8

A Healthy Harvest Farm raw milk outbreak in Minnesota has sickened at least eight people, according to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). Eight people are sick with cryptosporidiosis and one patient has cryptosporidiosis and an E. coli O111:48 infection at the same time. Healthy Harvest Farm and Kitchen is located in Hillman, Minnesota. Officials are urging anyone who bought milk from that farm to discard it and not drink it. The milk may be labeled as "natural A2 milk," and consumers may not be aware that the milk is unpasteurized, or raw. The people who are sick with Cryptosporidium parvum, a parasite commonly found in cattle, have related subtypes, suggesting a common source. All of those who are ill with this pathogen started getting sick in early August. They all … [Read more...]

California Finds E. coli O111 in High Hill Ranch Apple Juice

State health officials have found E. coli O111 in a sample of apple juice from High Hill Ranch establishing a link to an outbreak that has sickened 13 people with the same strain. El Dorado health officials have compiled a time line that should clear up some of the confusion surrounding the outbreak. After the illnesses were reported, owners of the ranch issued a statement suggesting that visitors to ranch contaminated the sample jug with a virus that was the source of the illnesses. But E. coli isn't a virus, it's bacteria that lives in the intestines of animals and is shed in their feces. It causes illness when food or beverages contaminated with microscopic amounts of fecal matter containing the bacteria are ingested. That's what happened at High Hill Ranch in October. Here is the … [Read more...]

Applebees E. coli Lawsuit Assigned to Judge Magnuson

The E. coli lawsuit filed against Apple Minnesota, LLC d/b/a Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar has been assigned to U.S. District Court Judge Paul A. Magnuson in the Twin Cities. The suit, filed on behalf of Applebee's patron Keith Comstock, was the first legal action taken by victims of this summer's outbreak of E. coli O111 traced to nine Applebee's restaurants in Minnesota. According to the Minnesota Department of Health, 15 people were infected with the highly toxic foodborne pathogen in late June and early July. Agency officials late last week identified green, whole head cabbage as the likely source. Mr. Comstock suffered food poisoning symptoms three days after eating Oriental Chicken Salad at the Applebee's in Woodbury, Minn., near his home. Under medical care, he tested … [Read more...]

Applebee’s E. coli Outbreak Source Was Likely Cabbage, Officials Say

Green, whole head cabbage was the likely source of an E. coli O111 outbreak that sickened at least 15 people who ate at the Yard House or one of several Applebee's restaurants in MN, the Minnesota Department of Health said today. Four people were hospitalized and  have recovered. Thirteen patients ate at Applebee's restaurants in Minnesota in June and July 2014.  Most of those sickened ate the Oriental Chicken Salad at the Applebee's restaurant.  Applebee's temporarily removed the item from the menu and changed the ingredients before making it available again. The outbreak strain of E. coli O111 has not been seen in the United States before this particular outbreak. Health officials say the cabbage was likely contaminated before it was delivered to restaurants. A common out-of-state … [Read more...]

Now 15 Cases of E. coli O111 Confirmed in Applebee’s MN Outbreak

Two more cases of E. coli O111 have been confirmed in Minnesota by the Minnesota Health Department, bringing the total number of cases in that state to 15. The CDC has stated that two more cases in two other states may also be a part of this outbreak, but PFGE results determining the specific strain of bacteria have not been completed for those patients. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is also investigating this outbreak. The numbers of those sickened who said they ate at Applebee's restaurants in Minnesota has also changed. Previously, only 7 of the ill persons said they ate at Applebee's. Now 12 of the 15 people sickened in this outbreak say they ate at Applebee's restaurants between June 23 and June 29, 2014. That is an expansion of dates from the times officials thought … [Read more...]

MN E. coli O111 Applebee’s Outbreak May Have Expanded

The E. coli O111 outbreak in Minnesota associated with Applebee's restaurants may have expanded to two other states, according to NBC News. The CDC has not released any information about this expansion, but is apparently investigating two more cases of the rare bacterial strain. Public health officials will not name the states where people are sickened until they have confirmed that the patients are ill with the same outbreak strain of E. coli bacteria. This strain of E. coli O111 has not been seen in the United States until now. Pritzker Hageman has filed a lawsuit against Applebee's on behalf of a young man who ate the Oriental Chicken Salad at a Woodbury restaurant in late June. The original report of the outbreak was released on Monday, July 14, 2014 by the Minnesota Department … [Read more...]

Fred Pritzker on Applebee’s E. coli O111 Outbreak

Noted food safety attorney Fred Pritzker, who is representing a young man sickened in the E. coli O111 outbreak associated with food served at Applebee's restaurants in Minnesota, has some thoughts on the topic. Early reports are that those sickened may have eaten the Oriental Chicken Salad served at the restaurants. That item has been removed from the menu. Pritzker said, "this is a significant outbreak for several reasons. The outbreak strain of E. coli, O111, is very rare and hasn't been seen in the United States before this occasion. Many labs don't test for this particular strain of E. coli, so many people who may have gone to the doctor could have been misdiagnosed and the outbreak could be much larger than first indicated." Second, the most likely culprit is a fresh vegetable … [Read more...]

Minnesota E. coli O111 Outbreak Sickens 13

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is investigating 13 cases of E. coli O111.  All of the illnesses were caused by the same genetic strain, as determined by laboratory testing. The ill persons are not related, which indicates the illnesses result from a widely distributed food item. This genetic strain of E. coli O111 has not been seen in the United States until this outbreak. Seven of the people sickened reported to MDH that they ate at Applebee's restaurants in Minnesota between June 24 and 27, 2014, but the other cases have no apparent connection to the restaurant. The Applebee's restaurants involved in the outbreak are in Blaine, Duluth, Monticello, Roseville, and Woodbury. According to MDH, Applebee's is cooperating with the investigation and with public health … [Read more...]

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