May 26, 2024

Lehi E. coli Outbreak Sickens 12, Bacteria in Irrigation Water

The Lehi E. coli outbreak has now sickened 12 people, according to Lehi City. That is an increase of four more patients since the outbreak was reported on August 8, 2023. Utah officials found E. coli O157 in pressurized irrigation water sources. The samples were taken from a pressurized irrigation water reservoir and nine exposure sites on Monday, August 14, 2023. The investigation linked the source of the outbreak to using this water for drinking, sprinklers, and slip-n-slides. Pressurized irrigation water is not treated, which means it can be contaminated with pathogens. Pressurized irrigation water is not connected to the city's culinary drinking water system. Residents are strongly advised to exercise caution when eating uncooked produce from backyard gardens that have been … [Read more...]

E. coli Outbreak in Utah County, Utah Sickens 8, 5 Hospitalized

An E. coli outbreak in Utah County, Utah has sickened at least eight people. Five of those people have been hospitalized because they are so sick. Two of the cases have confirmed E. coli O57:H7 infections. All patients are residents of Lehi City in that county or have close ties to the area, according to Lehi City officials. A three-year-old girl is one of the hospitalized patients according to news reports. While epidemiologists are working to find the source of the infection, preliminary results indicate that using pressurized irrigation water for drinking and play may be the source of the pathogen. Mark Johnson, Mayor of Lehi City, said in a statement, "This is a critical situation, and I am concerned for the public. I want residents to be aware that pressurized irrigation water … [Read more...]

Thomson Red Onion Salmonella Outbreak Investigation Report

The FDA has released an investigation report into the Thomson red onion Salmonella outbreak that took place n the summer and fall of 2020. the report details the factors that may have contributed to the contamination of the onions. At least 1,127 American and 515 people in Canada were sickened in this outbreak, which was the largest Salmonella outbreak in more than ten years. The outbreak was also unusual because red onions had not been associated with a foodborne illness outbreak before. The outbreak strain of Salmonella Newport was not identified in any of the nearly 2,000 subsamples tested, but 11 subsamples, which included ten water and 1 sediment, that were collected near the growing fields identified in traceback were positive for Salmonella Newport. A conclusive root cause … [Read more...]

Study Follows Norovirus from Irrigation Water to Produce

A University of Florida researcher is conducting a two-year study of how norovirus travels through irrigation water and onto produce. Dr. Melissa K. Jones, a research assistant professor with the University of Florida, Gainesville, will lead the team. Highly contagious norovirus is responsible for about 40 percent of all food poisoning outbreaks and the leading cause of diarrheal disease in the U.S. "We're kind of on the leading edge of it," said Jones, who will present her findings during the CPS Produce Research Symposium, June 23 - 24, in Atlanta.  "One of the things we're learning about norovirus is they have a really high presence in the environment.  And we've known for a long time that they are very, very stable and can survive for years in the water and the soil." The … [Read more...]

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