July 7, 2020

Thogensen Family Recalls Raw Frozen Pet Food For Listeria

Thogersen Family Farm os Stanwood, Washington, is recalling their raw frozen ground pet food because it may contain Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with this recall. The raw ground pet food was packaged in two pound packs. The varieties included in the recall include course ground rabbit, course ground mallard duck, ground llama, and ground pork frozen raw pet food. These products did not have any lot identification, batch codes, or expiration dates. The packaging is two pound flattened, rectangular clear plastic packages. The front of the package has one large square white label with the company name, product, and weight. These products were sold to individual customers or two retail establishments that have been notified. The … [Read more...]

Hill’s Canned Dog Food Recall For Elevated Vitamin D Expanded

Hill's Pet Nutrition its expanding its January 31, 2019 recall of some of its canned pet food products for elevated Vitamin D. There have been some pet illnesses associated with this product. Elevated levels of vitamin D are in the products because of a suppler error. A vitamin premix is apparently the problem. Vitamin D is essential for dogs, but elevated levels can cause serious health issues in these animals, including problems with their kidneys. In most cases, the dogs recover completely after they stop eating this product. Symptoms of elevated vitamin D levels include drooling, increased urination, weight loss, vomiting, loss of appetite, and increased thirst. If your pet is exhibiting any of these symptoms, call your vet. You can see the long list of recalled products, along … [Read more...]

Hill’s Recalls Canned Dog Food For Excessive Vitamin D

Hill's Pet Nutrition is voluntarily recalling select types of their canned dog food for excessive vitamin D content. This issue can cause health problems in dogs, which can experience vomiting, weight loss, increased thirst and urination, and weight loss. When vitamin D is consumed at very high levels, it can lead to kidney problems in the animals, although most recover after the discontinuation of feeding. The recall was initiated after a complaint was lodged in the U.S. about a dog exhibiting signs of elevated vitamin D levels. The investigation confirmed the problem because of a supplier error. The company identified and isolated the error and have required the supplier to start additional quality testing before they release the ingredients. No dry foods, cat foods, or treats are … [Read more...]

Minnesota Salmonella Patient Prompts Warning About Woody’s Pet Food Deli

A case of Salmonella food poisoning in Minnesota has prompted the state to issue a consumer advisory for Woody's Pet Food Deli Raw Free Range Turkey Pet food. The case is part of the multistate Salmonella Reading outbreak that is linked to raw turkey that has sickened at least 216 people. That outbreak is ongoing. The Minnesota Department of Health is issuing a recall after sampling of that product tested positive for Salmonella bacteria. The4 recalled product is sold in 5 pound plastic containers labeled "Woody's Pet Food Deli Raw Free Range Turkey." The product was sold at Woody's Pet food Deli locations in Woodbury, Minneapolis, and St. Paul. The lots that are recalled have use by dates of 01/10/20, 01/12/20, and 01/15/20. Officials from the Minnesota Department of Health … [Read more...]

Columbia River Cow Pie Frozen Pet Foods Recall Expands

The recall of Columbia River frozen pet foods, including Cow Pie Pet Foods, has expanded to include more products. Those foods are being recalled for possible Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella contamination. No illnesses have been reported in this recall. The Washington State Department of Agriculture found the pathogens in one package of each product. The recall. now includes 261 packages of Cow Pie Lot #72618 and 82 packages of Chicken & Vegetables Lot #111518 fresh frozen meats for dogs and cats, that were produced in July 2018 and November 2018. These are fresh frozen meat products that are fed raw to dogs and cats. The products were distribute din Alaska, Oregon, and Washington state through direct delivery and retail stores. The Cow Pie product is in frozen 2 pound … [Read more...]

Cow Pie Frozen Pet Food Recalled for Possible Listeria

Columbia River Natural Pet Foods is recalling Cow Pie Fresh Frozen Meats for Dogs and Cats because it may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. The company is recalling 933 packages that were produced in August 2017. No illnesses have been reported to date. Cow Pie is a fresh frozen meats product that is intended to feed raw to dogs and cats. The pet food was distributed in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington through retail stores and direct delivery. The product is frozen in 2 pound purple and white plastic bags, with Lot 81917 found on an orange sticker. Routine testing by the Washington State Department of Agriculture found the pathogenic  bacteria in one package of the product. There is a risk to both pets and humans with this recalled product. Pets can get sick … [Read more...]

Elevated Vitamin D Levels Has Led to More Dog Foods Being Recalled

More dog foods have been recalled because they may contain elevated levels of vitamin D, putting dog's health at risk. Five different brands have been recalled. Sunshine Mills is recalling Evolve Puppy, Sportsman's Pride Large Breed Puppy, and Triumph Chicken and Rice Dog Food for this problem. The recalled products are 14 pound Evolve Chicken & Rice Puppy Dry Dog Food with UPC number 0-73657-00862-0; 28 pound Evolve Chicken & Rice Puppy Dry Dog Food with UPC number 0-73657-00863-7; 40 pound Sportsman's Pride Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food with UPC number 0-70155-10566-0; and 40 pound Sportsman's Pride Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food with UPC number 0-70155-10564-0. Also recalled is 3.5 pound Triumph Chicken & Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food with UPC number 0-73657-00873-6; 16 pound … [Read more...]

Nutrisca and Natural Life Dog Foods Recalled for Elevated Vitamin D

Two dog foods, Nutrisca and Natural Life, are recalling one flavor of dry dog food because it has elevated vitamin D levels. Dogs can experience symptoms including vomiting, increased urination, loss of appetite, and weight loss. When vitamin D is consumed at very high levels, it can cause kidney issues in dogs. Consumer complaints of vitamin D toxicity in their pets prompted the recall. A formulation error led to the elevated vitamin D in the product. Nutrisca is recalling three sizes of Nutrisca Chicken and Chickpea Dry Dog Food. The 4 pound bag has a UPC number 8-84244-12495-7; the 15 pound bag has UPC number 8-84244-12795-8, and the 28 pound bag has UPC number 8-84244-12895-5. The bags have a Best By Date code of February 25, 2020 through September 13, 2020. Those codes are on the … [Read more...]

G & C Raw Recalls Pet Food For Possible Listeria Contamination

G & C Raw is expanding their recall issued earlier this year to include all product lots from certain dates of their raw pet food products for possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination. No illnesses are reported. These recalled products were manufactured from February 27, 2018 through July 20, 2018 and were sold under the brand names G & C Raw Dog Food and G & C Raw Cat food. The recalled products are Beef Veggie Mix Dog Food, Ground Beef Dog Food, Sliced Beef Heart Dog Food, Ground Beef Heart Dog Food P, Kim's Special Beef Organ Dog Food, Ground Chicken Dog Food, Chicken Veggie Mix Dog Food, Chicken Mix Patties Dog Food, Duck Veggie Mix Dog Food, Ground Duck Dog Food Ground Rabbit Dog Food, Rabbit Veggie Mix Dog Food, Ground Lamb Dog Food, Lamb Veggie Mix Dog … [Read more...]

Performance Dog Raw Pet Food Recalled For Possible Salmonella

Bravo Packing of Carneys Point, New Jersey, is recalling all Performance Dog food products for possible Salmonella contamination. This pathogen clang cause illness in animals who are fed the products and people who touch pets carrying the bacteria or who handle the product. No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with this recall. A sample of the dog food tested positive for Salmonella bacteria by FDA officials who collected it during an inspection. Performance Dog works with the distributor Tefco, in Brooklyn, New York, that fills orders either direct to consumer or through retail purchases. Performance Dog raw frozen pet food comes in 2 pound and 5 pound plastic sleeves. The recalled food has the manufacture date code 071418. These codes are printed on the boxes that … [Read more...]

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