May 27, 2018

Food Safety and Consumer Groups Want FDA To Establish Rapid Traceability Of Produce

Food safety groups and consumer groups are calling on the FDA to establish requirements for rapid traceability of produce within the next six months. Nine organizations sent a letter to the FDA on May 24, 2018, after government officials have not solved the deadly multistate E. coli O157:H7 HUS outbreak linked to romaine lettuce. The groups that signed the letter include Center for Science in the Public Interest, Consumer Federation of America, Food and Water Watch, STOP Foodborne illness, Consumers Union, The Pew Charitable Trusts, and three others. They want the FDA to implement "long overdue provisions of the 2011 FDA Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA)" that require the FDA to establish record keeping requirements for high risk foods that will enhance … [Read more...]

Dispelling Myths for Summer Food Safety

With the summer months approaching and Memorial Day just around the corner, Ben Chapman, a food safety researcher at North Carolina State University, is uncovering food safety myths for summer food safety. What do you need to know to stay safe food-wise this summer? One suspected culprit that many people suspect in summer food poisoning outbreaks is mayonnaise. But mayonnaise is not usually the issue. That product is made with acids that render the food inhospitable to bacteria. When someone thinks they got sick because of potato or chicken salad, it's not the mayonnaise. It's the potatoes or the chicken. In potato salad, the bacteria that most often make people sick are usually Staphylococcus aureus or Clostridium perfringens. Potatoes are a low-acid food. That means they are … [Read more...]

Stop & Shop Recalls Frozen Broccoli Cuts For Possible Listeria

Stop & Shop is recalling their private brand frozen broccoli cuts for possible Listeria monocytogenes. The product was pulled because the state of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, Food & Standards pulled a store sample that tested positive for the pathogenic bacteria. There is no word on the recall notice of any illnesses being reported to the government or the manufacturer to date. The recalled product is SB Cut Broccoli in 16 ounce packages. The UPC number on the product is 068826700926, and the best by date is March 15, 2020. Stop & Shop stores have 422 locations in the northeastern United States, primarily in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. If you purchased this product, do not eat it, even if you are going to cook it. … [Read more...]

Good Buddy and Backcountry Dog Treats Recalled for Elevated Thyroid Hormone

Merrick Pet Care of Amarillo, Texas, is voluntarily recalling some of their beef dog treat varieties because they may have elevated levels of a naturally occurring beef thyroid hormone. There has been one consumer complaint to the FDA of a dog's health that was temporarily affected while eating Merrick Backcountry Great Plains Real Beef Jerky. The dog's health improved and full yrecovered after its owners stopped giving it the treat. No similar reports have been received to date. The recalled products are Castor & Pollux Good Buddy Prime Patties Real Beef Recipe in 4 ounce packages, with UPC number 780872510806 and best before dates from 5/1/2017 - 9/1/2019. Also recalled is Castor & Pollux Good Buddy Sausage Cuts Real Beef Recipe in 5 ounce packages, with UPC … [Read more...]

Hempler Foods Recalls Pepperoni Sticks for Undeclared Milk

Hempler Foods Group is recalling ready-to-eat pepperoni sticks because they contain milk, one of the major food allergens, that is not listed on the label. Anyone allergic to milk, or anyone who has lactose intolerance, could have a severe reaction if they eat these products. No illnesses or allergic reactions have been reported so far. These ready-to-eat pepperoni sticks were produced from April 20 through May 2, 2018. They include: 4 count/case of 2.25-pounds of “HEMPLER’S FAMILY CLASSIC PEPPERONI, NATURAL SMOKE FLAVORING ADDED” with “PACKED ON” date 04/21/18 and “LOT # 8106," 4 count/case of 2.25-pounds of “HEMPLER’S FAMILY CLASSIC PEPPERONI, NATURAL SMOKE FLAVORING ADDED” with “PACKED ON” date 04/26/18 and “LOT # 8113," 4 count/case of 2.25-pounds of “HEMPLER’S FAMILY CLASSIC … [Read more...]

CDC Tracks Cryptosporidium and Legionnaires Disease Outbreaks Traced to Treated Recreational Water

Cryptosporidium and Legionnaires' Disease outbreaks associated with treated creational water during 2000 to 2014 are traced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in their weekly Morbidity and Mortality Report for the week of May 18, 2018. During that time frame, 493 outbreaks caused at least 27,219 illnesses and eight deaths. Public health officials, owners of these parks, bathers, and parents of young children can help minimize the risk for these outbreaks. Cryptosporidium outbreaks increased 25% by year during the 2000 - 2006 seasons, but no significant trend occurred after 2007. These outbreaks are caused by both pathogens and chemicals in venues such as pools, hot tubs and spas, and interactive water play features. Among the 363 outbreaks with a confirmed … [Read more...]

Tilapia Stolen, May Be Contaminated With Salmonella Bacteria

Golden International Corporation of Renton, Washington is issuing a public safety notice about 405 cartons of stolen frozen tilapia. The product may be contaminated with Salmonella bacteria. No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with this problem. A container of the frozen fish that was ready for re-export to Taiwan was stolen from the Golden International Corporations container yard in Renton, and was recovered in Everett, Washington. The fish may have been sold in the surrounding area by the thieves. The container was stolen around 4:40 pm on Saturday, April 29, 2018, and wasn't recovered until May 9, 2018. Officials are concerned that the fish were not refrigerated properly, which may have allowed pathogenic bacteria to grow. The containing was sampled multiple … [Read more...]

MBI Distributing Recalls Homeopathic Products For Manufacturing Without Controls

MBI Distributing is recalling all lots of some of their homeopathic products because they were manufactured with a lack of adequate controls. That increases the chance that the products will vary in strength, quality, and purity. Use of these products could cause an adverse reaction, particularly in infants and children. No reports of any adverse reactions have been received to date. These homeopathic drug products are in liquid oral dosage form and are packaged in sizes from 1 fluid ounce to 8 fluid ounces. They were distributed nationwide to health care professionals, retail stores, and consumers. The recalled products include Teething Drops in 1 fluid ounce containers, with UPC number 58301-04011; Nausea Drops in 1 fluid ounce containers, with UPC number 58301-05711; and … [Read more...]

Rosa DeLauro Asks FDA For More Info on Rose Acre Farms Egg Recall and Salmonella Outbreak

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) has sent another letter asking for more information on the Salmonella outbreak linked to recalled Rose Acre Farms shell eggs. An earlier letter was sent to FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb on April 19, 2018. That outbreak has caused at least 35 infections in 9 states and 11 hospitalizations since the last update last week. Rose Acre Farms has recalled more than 200,000,000 eggs in response to this Salmonella outbreak. This is the largest egg-related Salmonella outbreak in this country since 2010. She wrote, "I continue to be concerned with the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) investigation and response to the Salmonella Braenderup outbreak related to shell eggs produced by Rose Acre Farms. In my previous April 19 letter, I requested … [Read more...]

Ziyad Brothers Recalls Tahini For Possible Salmonella

Ziyad Brothers is recalling Tahini because it may be contaminated with Salmonella bacteria. No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with this recall. The product was distributed nationwide. It is sold in 8, 16, and 32 ounce and half gallon containers. The jars are labeled "Tahini Sesame Paste." The lot codes and use by/expiration dates are printed on the white jar cap. The recalled products are Ziyad Tahini Sesame Paste in 1/2 gallon glass jars, with lot number 35417, product code A0071, and UPC number 074265003076; Ziyad Tahini Sesame Paste 32 ounce glass jars, with lot number 00318, product code A0072, and UPC number 074265001553. Also recalled is Ziyad Tahini Sesame Paste 16 ounce class jars, with product code A0073, lot numbers 35317, 35417, 35517, and 35617, and … [Read more...]

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