April 21, 2019

Feeding Change Young Thai Coconut Recalled for Salmonella

FeedingChange Canada is recalling their Young Thai Coconut Meat because it may be contaminated with Salmonella bacteria. No illnesses have been reported in connection with this issue. The coconut was sold in British Columbia and Ontario, and may have been sold nationally at the retail level. The recalled product is Feeding Change Young Thai Coconut Meat, sold in 454 gram packages. The codes on the product are Best By : May 28 2020 CM 14818A and the UPC number is 0 91037 12927 7. The recall was triggered by Canadian Food Inspection Agency Test results. An investigation has been launched, which may lead to the recall of other products. The CFIA is making sure that the company is removing the recalled product from stores. If you purchased this product, do not eat it and do not use it … [Read more...]

Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan Hard Hit by Precut Melon Salmonella Outbreak

People in the states of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Michigan have been hard hit by the melon Salmonella outbreak that has sickened at least 93 people in 9 states. The case count in each state is: Ohio (27), Indiana (18), Kentucky (16), and Michigan (19). The other states involved include Alabama (1), Illinois (5), Minnesota (3), Missouri (3), and Wisconsin (1). The pathogen that has sickened people, Salmonella Carrau, is relatively rare in the United States. Officials are using the PulseNet system to find people who may be part of this outbreak, and more may be identified. PulseNet identified the outbreak on April 2, 2019. It makes sense that most of the victims are in those states, since the outbreak has been linked by the CDC and FDA to precut melons that were produced and … [Read more...]

Denver Processing Recalls Pork and Beef Produced With No Inspection

Denver Processing is recalling about 13,865 pounds of raw pork and beef product that were produced with no inspection. These products were also produced outside inspection hours. No illnesses or adverse reactions have been reported to date in connection with this issue. These raw beef and pork items were produced on April 9, 2019. They include: Varying catch weight plastic wrapped trays containing “Pork Sirloin Boneless Chop” with “Sell By 04.18.19,” lot code 099, case code 60047, and all time stamps after 14:30. Varying catch weight plastic wrapped trays containing “Pork Boneless Loin Top Loin Roast” with “Sell By 04.18.19,” lot code 099, case code 60105, and all time stamps after 14:30. Varying catch weight plastic wrapped trays containing “Diced Pork Super Value Pack” with … [Read more...]

History of Melon Outbreaks Is Long and Deadly

The Salmonella Carrau outbreak just announced by the CDC that is linked to precut melons produced by Caito Foods has sickened at least 93 people. This is not the first time that melons have caused food poisoning outbreaks in the United States. In fact, the history of melon outbreaks is long. Since 1985, there have been 1,520 illnesses, 297 hospitalizations, and 36 deaths linked to contaminated melon. Most of these outbreaks were linked to cantaloupes. One of the big problems with contamination on ready-to-eat foods is that there is no "kill step" before the food is eaten. That means the consumer does not heat the product, which would destroy pathogens. There is zero tolerance for Listeria monocytogenes contamination on ready-to-eat foods, but no such law exists for … [Read more...]

Caito Foods Recalls Fresh Cut Melon Linked to Salmonella Carrau Outbreak

Caito Foods in Indianapolis is recalling fresh cut watermelon, fresh cut honeydew melon, and fresh cut cantaloupe and fresh cut mixed fruit containing one or more of these melons, since the products are linked to a Salmonella Carrau outbreak. At least 93 people in 9 states are sick in this outbreak. Caito Foods has temporarily suspended producing and distributing these products while the government and the company investigate the issue. The products were packaged in clear, plastic clamshell containers. They were distributed in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. The states where ill persons live are Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, … [Read more...]

Aphrodisiac Capsules Recalled For Undeclared Sildenafil

SD Import, LLC is recalling all lots of Aphrodisiac Capsules because they contain sildenafil, a prescription drug, that can cause serious health problems. Sildenafil is an active pharmaceutical ingredient that is FDA approved through prescription. Because this ingredient is in this product, it becomes an unapproved drug. Patients who have hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, or high cholesterol are at risk for adverse health effects from this product if they take nitrates. Consumption of sildenafil when a patient is also taking nitrates could cause a serious drop in blood pressure that can be life-threatening. No reports of adverse events have been received to date. These Aphrodisiac Capsules are marketed as a dietary supplement. They are packaged in a cardboard box with 12 plastic … [Read more...]

Hepatitis A Exposure at Zaxby’s in Savannah, Georgia

A food handler at Zaxby's restaurant at 5971 Ogeechee Road in Savannah, Georgia has been diagnosed with hepatitis A, according to the Coastal Health District of Georgia. Anyone who ate food or drank beverages at that facility from March 29, 2019 through April 3, 2019 is at risk for developing the illness. While it is rare for restaurant patrons to get sick when a food handler is sick, it does happen. This virus is very contagious. This exposure period is within the two week period when a hepatitis A or immune globulin vaccination is effective. Anyone who ate there on March 29, 2019 has to get a vaccine today or they will not be protected. Most pharmacies offer these vaccinations, or contact your health care provider to get one. The symptoms of hepatitis A include loss of … [Read more...]

Salmonella Infections in Scioto and Lawrence Counties, Ohio Associated with Live Poultry

Salmonella infections in Scioto and Lawrence Counties in Ohio have sickened at least five people after purchasing chickens from the local farm supply stores, according to a post on the Portsmouth City Health Department Facebook page. There have been several Salmonella outbreaks linked to live chicks in the United States over the past several years. In 2017, there were eight ongoing multistate outbreaks of Salmonella infections that were linked to backyard poultry. Chickens, turkeys, and ducks can carry pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella that can be transferred to humans. In those outbreaks, there were almost 400 people sick in 47 states. Public health officials are asking that anyone who thinks they or a family member has gotten sick after contact with live chickens to call … [Read more...]

Salmonella Enteritidis Outbreak in Canada Sickens 63; No Source Found

A Salmonella Enteritidis outbreak in Canada has sickened at least 63 people in six provinces, but public health officials have not identified a source of the pathogen. Officials are sharing this information to inform consumers how to avoid Salmonella infections. There is another Salmonella outbreak in that country that has sickened more than 500 people. That outbreak is linked to frozen breaded raw chicken and other raw chicken products. The case count by province is British Columbia (23), Alberta (10), Saskatchewan (8), Manitoba (10), Ontario (10), and Quebec (2). Illness onset dates range from November 2018 through March 2019. The patient age range is from 1 and 87 years. Eighteen people have been hospitalized because their illness is so serious. Two deaths have been reported, but … [Read more...]

Yoakum Packing Recalls Venison Sausages For Mislabeling

Yoakum Packing of Texas is recalling about 12,388 pounds of smoked venison sausage because they contain pork products that are not printed on the label. Some people may be allergic to pork or can't eat pork for various reasons. No adverse reactions have been reported in this recall. The fully cooked smoked venison sausage product contains beef, pork, and other nonmetal products. They were produced from May 3, 2017 through Marcy 22, 2019. The recalled product is 2.5 pounce plastic wrapped bags containing frozen sausage links of "Venison Smoked Sausage - Fully Cooked - Keep Refrigerated." The case code is 35710 or 35712 marked on the label. The sausage has the establishment number "EST. 2216" inside the USDA mark of inspection. They were shipped to distributors and retailers in Texas. The … [Read more...]

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