January 25, 2022

King Ranch Casserole Recalled in Canada For Possible Salmonella

King Ranch Casserole is being recalled in Canada for possible Salmonella contamination, in connection to a food poisoning investigation that is linked to frozen corn. No illnesses have been reported to the company to date in connection with the consumption of this particular item. The recalling firm is Doughgirls Baking Inc., doing business as Doughgirls Comfort Kitchen & Bakeshop. The recalled product was sold at Doughgirls Comfort Kitchen & Bakeshop that is located at 3322 Shrum Lane, in Vancouver, British Columbia. The casserole does not have a brand name. King Ranch Casserole was sold in two sizes: Large, with no UPC number, and Small, also with no UPC number. All products that were sold between October 20, 2021 and December 20, 2021 are included in this recall. This … [Read more...]

Jetfuel Diuretic Recalled For Undeclared Milk Allergen

Jetfuel Diuretic is being recalled because it may contain milk, one of the nine major food allergens, that is not declared on the label.  Anyone who is allergic to milk proteins, or who is lactose intolerant, could have a serious reaction if they consume this product. No illnesses or allergic reactions have been reported to the company to date in connection with the consumption of this item. The recalling firm is World Health Products LLC of Monroe, Connecticut. The GAT Sport Jetfuel Diuretic was sold through the GAT Sport online store, through Amazon, and also in retail stores nationwide. The recalled products include GAT Sport Jetfuel Diuretic in 90 count bottles, with lot number 2003609 and expiration date 6/2023 printed on the label. The same product with lot number 2003610 and … [Read more...]

APHIS Seized Prohibited Pork From China and Other Meats

APHIS seized prohibited pork sourced from China, along with poultry and ruminant products from New York City retailers in the last three months of 2021, according to a press release from the USDA. APHIS is the Animal and Plant Protection Service branch of that agency. More than 1900 pounds of prohibited products were seized. The foods were sourced from China and didn't have the required import permits and health certificates, and are considered a risk of introducing invasive plant and animal pests and diseases into the country. The prohibited pork from China and other meats were destroyed. These efforts are part of a collaboration between APHIS, the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), U.S. Customers and Border Protection, and New York City public health … [Read more...]

It’s Not Safe to Store Food Outside During the Cold Winter Months

So it's cold outside, and your refrigerator and freezer are packed after a shopping trip. Is it safe to store food outside during these cold winter months? Or even cool down perishable foods like cooked meats or gravy? According to experts, no. Even if you put the food on the porch or in your garage to keep it away from animals, you are taking a big risk, according to the experts at Penn State Extension. The issues are uncontrolled temperature fluctuation and possible contamination. The danger zone for bacterial growth in food is 40°F to 140°F. In this temperature range, bacterial counts can double every 20 minutes. And since it can take only ten E. coli bacteria, for instance, to make your very sick, food can become dangerous to eat very quickly. Your refrigerator should be … [Read more...]

More Consumer Education Needed About Consumption of Raw Flour

More consumer education is needed about the consumption of raw flour, according to a new study published in the Journal of Food Protection. Several outbreaks in the past few years have been linked to raw flour, including an E. coli outbreak linked to an unnamed brand of cake mix last year that sickened at least 16 people in 12 states, and an E. coli O26 outbreak in 2019 linked to ADM Milling flour that sickened at least 21 people in nine states. The study states that the consumption of raw flour is a public health risk. The FDA collected data on perceptions about uncooked flour in the fall of 2019, and on self-reported consumption behaviors, through its Food Safety and Nutrition Survey. The results showed that 35% of consumers said they tasted or ate something with uncooked, or … [Read more...]

Senna Syrup Recalled For Possible Microbial Contamination

Senna Syrup is being recalled for possible microbial contamination. This product is a natural vegetable laxative. The contamination could cause serious or life-threatening illnesses among certain populations, more specifically the elderly, anyone with a weakened immune system, or patients at higher risk of developing life-threatening inflammation of the heart. No reports of illness have been received by the company to date. The recalling firm is Lohxa LLC of Worcester, Massachusetts. The recalled product is Senna Syrup that is packaged into 5 mL unit-dose cups. The product is sold in case of 20 cartons packaged with 24 units each. The NDC is 50268-731-24. The recalled product 8.8 mg/5mL lot number is AM1115S, and the expiration date stamped on the label is 01/2023. The syrup was … [Read more...]

Salmonella Uganda Outbreak Linked to Pet Bearded Dragons

A Salmonella Uganda outbreak linked to pet bearded dragons has sickened at least 44 people in 15 states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Fifteen people have been hospitalized because they are so ill. The patient case count by state is: Alabama (1), Arkansas (2), California (3), Connecticut (1), Florida (1), Kansas (1), Louisiana (1), Massachusetts (1), Minnesota (1), Missouri (1), Montana (2), Nebraska (1), Nevada (2), New Mexico (1), New York (1), Oregon (3), Pennsylvania (2), Rhode Island (3), South Carolina (1), South Dakota (2), Texas (2), Utah (2), Virginia (1), Washington (4), and Wisconsin (4). The patient age range is from less than one to 84 years. Illness onset dates range from December 24, 2020 to December 2, 2021. The hospitalization … [Read more...]

FDA Allows Qualified Health Claim For Magnesium and Blood Pressure

The FDA is allowing a qualified health claim for magnesium and blood pressure, that it will not object to the use of certain health claims regarding the consumption of that mineral and a reduced risk of high blood pressure. The claim will be allowed if it is "appropriately worded" to avoid misleading consumers, and if other factors for the use of this claim are met. A petition was submitted on behalf of The Center for Magnesium Education and Research, LLC. It requested that the FDA authorize a health claim about the relationship between the consumption of magnesium and the reduced risk of high blood pressure. A health claim iterates the relationship between a substance and a disease or health-related condition. The petition was reviewed, along with other evidence related to the … [Read more...]

Lily’s Peppermint Flavor Baking Chips Recalled For Allergen

Lily's Peppermint Flavor Baking Chips is being recalled because the product contains soy, one of the major food allergens, in the form of soy lethicin, that is not declared on the label. Anyone who is allergic to soy could have a serious reaction if they consume this product. No illnesses or allergic reactions have been reported to date in connection with the consumption of this product. The recalling firm is Lily's Sweets. About 18,855 cases of the product are recalled. The recalled product is Lily's Peppermint Flavor Baking Chips in 7 ounce pouches. The product was a limited holiday seasonal offering that was sold only at Walmart stores in the United States. No other Lily's products are included in this recall. The UPC number for the recalled product is 8-10003-46159-9. The lot … [Read more...]

BrightFarms Salmonella Outbreak Investigated by FDA

The BrightFarms Salmonella outbreak that occurred in the summer of 2021 has been investigated by the FDA. In the report released today, the agency states that this is "believed to be FDA’s first domestic investigation of a foodborne illness outbreak associated with leafy greens" that were grown in a Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) operation. The CDC investigation of this outbreak is included in the relevant links section of the report. The outbreak, which was associated with the consumption of packaged leafy greens from BrightFarm's indoor hydroponic operation, sickened at least 31 people in four states. Twenty-six of 27 patients said they ate leafy greens before they got sick. The firm's products were specifically named by 14 patients. The outbreak strain of Salmonella … [Read more...]

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