December 5, 2022

Red Button Vintage Creamery French Silk Pie Recalled For Almond

Red Button Vintage Creamery French Silk Pie is being recalled because it may contain almonds, or tree nuts, that are not declared on the label as required. Anyone who is allergic to almonds could have a serious reaction if they eat this product. No illnesses or allergic reactions have been reported to date in connection with this issue. The recalling firm is Rocky Mountain Pies of Salt Lake City, Utah. The recalled product is Red Button Vintage Creamery French Silk Pie that was distributed at the retail level in these states: Arizona, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho. The pie is packaged in a clear plastic dome with a black plastic base. The plastic is encased in "Red Button Vintage Creamery" cardboard sleeves. The recall only includes … [Read more...]

Enoki Mushrooms are the Most Recalled Food of 2022

With one month to go before the end of the year, there have already been 11 Listeria recalls for enoki mushrooms, making them the food most recalled for bacterial contamination in 2022. It wasn't a close contest. Any commodity vying for the distant second-place finish  -cheese, leafy greens, ground beef, has had fewer than half as many recalls so far this year. And there's a decent chance that, before the year's end, there will be a 12th enoki mushroom recall. That's because no recall has been issued in connection with an ongoing enoki mushroom Listeria outbreak. Two years ago, a Listeria outbreak linked to enoki mushrooms from Korea sickened 36 people killing four of them. That outbreak was connected to three recalls and the origin of each one we've seen since. After the deadly … [Read more...]

How Do You Know If You Have a Bacillus Cereus Infection?

Bacillus cereus infections are very common in the United States. This pathogen causes about 63,000 cases of food poisoning every year in this country. It is responsible for the so-called "fried rice syndrome," where people get sick after eating reheated rice. The problem with fried rice is that when rice is cooled at room temperature, the bacteria present in that product can grow and produce toxins. And those toxins are not destroyed by heat. So when that leftover rice is used to make fried rice, people can get sick. Rice isn't the only vehicle for this pathogen, however. It is also associated with dishes containing potatoes, pasta, and cheese. And food poisoning associated with this pathogen is common in catering situations and restaurants. One of the toxins this pathogen … [Read more...]

Coolhaus Cookie Dough Frozen Sandwich Recalled For Coliform

Coolhaus Cookie Dough Frozen Sandwich is being recalled because a third party lab sample revealed the presence of coliform bacteria. Coliform bacteria is an indicator organism. That means if it is found in food there is a can signal insanitary food preparation conditions and an increased risk of foodborne pathogens. This recall notice was posted in the FDA's Enforcement report page, so there is no information about any possible illnesses associated with this product. The recalling firm is Perfect Day Inc. of Berkeley, California. This product was shipped to the consignee, KeHE Distributors, which has locations in Texas, Maryland, Colorado, and California. About 284 cases of this product are included in this recall. The recalled product is Coolhaus Dairy Free Cookie Dough Lyfe … [Read more...]

Monical’s Pizza in IL Temporarily Closed After Illnesses Reported

Monical's Pizza, in Washington, Illinois, has temporarily closed after reports of illness, according to news reports. About 150 patrons reported symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, chills, and nausea, according to the Tazewell County Health Department. The Illinois Department of Public Health issued the closure. Patients are reportedly recovering within 12 to 24 hours. The restaurant is located at 6 Cherry Tree Shopping Center in Washington, Illinois. It closed on Saturday, November 26, 2022 and may open today. The closure will give the restaurant time to conduct a deep cleaning and discard food. The employees of Monical's Pizza will be retrained on personal hygiene, handwashing, and when to report illness. The cause of the illnesses has not yet been determined. Given … [Read more...]

Lebby Dark Chocolate Chickpeas Recalled For Undeclared Milk

Lebby Dark Chocolate Chickpeas are being recalled in Canada because they contain milk, one of the major food allergens, that is not declared on the label as required by law. Anyone who is allergic to or sensitive to milk, or who is lactose intolerant, could have a serious reaction if they eat this product. No illnesses or allergic reactions have been reported to the company to date in connection with the consumption of this item. The recalling firm is Ecoideas Innovations Inc. The product is a type of candy or snack. The recalled product is Lebby Dark Chocolate Chickpeas Snacks that is packaged in 99 gram bags. The bags are light brown with a picture of the product on the front. The UPC number that is printed on the label is 8 55684 00623 3. The best by dates and lot number … [Read more...]

Holiday Reminder: Raw Dough Can Contain Dangerous Pathogens

It's time for the annual holiday reminder: raw dough can contain dangerous pathogens. While most people know that eating raw eggs is risky, fewer know that uncooked flour is also a potential hazard. The FDA has been warning consumers about the potential dangers of raw eggs for decades. Eggs can carry Salmonella bacteria not only on the shell, but inside the egg itself. Hens can carry the pathogen in their ovaries, so the eggs are then contaminated from the inside out. Always handle raw eggs as if they are contaminated. Cook them thoroughly, and avoid recipes that use raw eggs. Eggs that are pasteurized are safe to eat raw, as long as you follow expiration dates. There have been outbreaks linked to raw, or uncooked flour, in the past few years. Flour is a raw agricultural product … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Leftovers Must Be Discarded or Frozen Today

It's now four days after Thanksgiving, and that means that all leftovers from that holiday dinner must be discarded or frozen today, according to the USDA. Of course, this is assuming that you refrigerated that food promptly - within two hours of it coming out of the fridge or oven. Between the temperature range of 40°F to 140°F, bacteria numbers can double in foods every 20 minutes. And those pathogens can make toxins that aren't destroyed by heat. So even if you thoroughly reheat leftovers to 165°F, as you should every time, you may still get sick. That's why we stress prompt refrigeration of perishable foods, including meats, egg dishes, seafood, poultry, casseroles, and cooked vegetables. To freeze foods, store them in freezer bags or other containers in relatively small … [Read more...]

FDA Issues Final Rule on Food Traceability Under FSMA

The FDA has issued the final rule on food traceability under the Food Safety and Modernization Act of 2011 (FSMA). Traceability is the ability to identify foods that may be contaminated, especially if that food is suspected as being part of an outbreak. The rule establishes traceability record keeping requirements for anyone who manufacturers, processes, packs, or holds foods that are on the Food Traceability List. Companies and people subject to this rule must maintain records containing Key Data Elements associated with specific Critical Tracking Events. They must provide information to the FDA within 24 hours or some other time frame to which the FDA has agreed. Foods that are on the Food Traceability List include: cheeses other than hard cheeses, specifically soft and … [Read more...]

Indigo Bear Mugs Recalled For Burn and Laceration Hazard

Indigo Bear Mugs are being recalled for possible burn and laceration hazards. The mugs can crack or break when they are filled with hot liquids. About 270 of these mugs were sold in the United States, and 29,232 were sold in Canada at the retail level. No incidents or injuries have been reported to the company to date in connection with this problem. The recalling firm is Indigo Books & Music Inc. of Short Hills, New Jersey. The manufacturer of the mugs is Guangdong Totye Ceramics of Chaozhou, China. The recalled Indigo Bear Mugs include Papa Bear and Mama Bear Mugs. They were sold exclusively at the Indigo store in Short Hills, New Jersey from December 2020 through May 2022 for about $12.00. The recalled product is for Indigo branded Papa Bear and Mama Bear mugs with these … [Read more...]

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