October 6, 2022

The Northeast Seafood Salmonella Outbreak is Number Two of 2021

The Northeast Seafood Salmonella outbreak is the number two multistate food poisoning outbreak of 2021, with 115 people sick in 15 states. Twenty people were hospitalized. Most of the patients live in Colorado, where Northeast Seafood operates. The outbreak ended on December 6, 2021. The patient case count by state was: Arizona (1), California (1), Colorado (93), Connecticut (1), Iowa (1), Minnesota (2), Missouri (1), Nebraska (2), New Jersey (2), Pennsylvania (1), Texas (2), Virginia (3), Washington (1), Wisconsin (2), and Wyoming (2). Illness onset dates ranged from May 11, 2021 to October 16, 2021. The patient age range was from less than one year to 85 years. Interviews with patients revealed that 83% ate seafood, including raw seafood served as sushi, before they got sick. … [Read more...]

Provigo Grocery Sushi in Montreal May Be Contaminated with Hepatitis A

Provigo grocery sushi in Montreal may be contaminated with hepatitis A, according to news reports quoting Montreal Public Health. That store is located at 6600 Saint-Jacques street in Montreal's Notre-Dame-de-Grâce neighborhood. The sushi products were made between November 17 and 20, 2021 and November 24 and 25, 2021. While the risk of transmission is low, this virus is quite contagious. People can get sick through person to person contact, through touching contaminated surfaces, and by eating contaminated food. If you ate sushi prepared at that particular store on November 24 and 25, 2021, you can still get a hepatitis A or immune globulin vaccination if you act quickly. That vaccine is only effective if given within two weeks of exposure. You can contact Info-Santé at 811 for … [Read more...]

How Many Active Salmonella Outbreaks Are There in the U.S.?

Salmonella has been in the news a lot lately. So how many active Salmonella outbreaks are there in the U.S.? There are currently four active Salmonella outbreaks in the United States: One linked to red, yellow, and white onions; one linked to seafood sold by a company in Colorado; one linked to salami sticks, and one linked to crabmeat in Maine. Two of those outbreaks are on the FDA Core Investigation Outbreak Table; one is on the USDA Outbreak Table, and the Maine outbreak is not on either because it is not a multistate outbreak. Salmonella Oranienburg Outbreak Linked to Onions The huge Salmonella Oranienburg outbreak that is linked to imported red, yellow, and white onions has sickened at least 652 people in 37 states. One hundred twenty-nine people are … [Read more...]

Salmonella Thompson Outbreak Linked to Northeast Seafood Fish

A Salmonella Thompson outbreak linked to Northeast Seafood fresh fish has sickened at least 102 people, mostly in Colorado, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Nineteen people are hospitalized. No deaths are reported. The case count by state is: Arizona (1), Colorado (82), Connecticut (1), Iowa (1), Minnesota (2), Missouri (1), Nebraska (2), New Jersey (2), Pennsylvania (1), Texas (2), Virginia (2), Washington (1), Wisconsin (2), and Wyoming (2). Illness onset dates range from May 11, 2021 to September 7, 2021. The fish was sold in Colorado from May 2021 to October 7, 2021, according to the FDA recall notice. The patient age range is from less than one year to 85 years. Of 89 people who gave information to investigators, 19 have been hospitalized, … [Read more...]

NC Harris Teeter AFC Sushi Linked to Food Poisoning Outbreak in Concord

North Carolina Harris Teeter AFC sushi is linked to a food poisoning outbreak, according to a press release issued by the Cabarrus Health Alliance (CHA) in Concord, North Carolina. The Harris Teeter stores in question are located at 358 George W. Liles Parkway Northwest in Concord, and 1245 Concord Parkway North, also in Concord, North Carolina. When the press release was first issued four days ago, there were "more than 10 individuals" who were sick. But according to news reports, now as many as 128 people may be ill. Those 128 people belong to 85 households. Harris Teeter is using their loyalty card program to notify 429 households that they purchased that during during the timeframe in question. More than 100 transactions were made without a loyalty card, however. The sushi … [Read more...]

Raw Tuna Salmonella Outbreak: FDA Adds JK Fish of Vietnam to Import Alerts

In the wake of the frozen ground raw tuna recall and Salmonella Newport outbreak that is linked to Jensen Tuna, the FDA has added JK Fish of Vietnam to Import Alert 16-20 for fish from foreign processors. This lets the government detain product from that firm without any physical sampling and analysis. The Import Alert is guidance to FDA field personnel. This applies to foreign processors and products that have failed to meet the hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) requirements for a specific product. The government believes that the recalled ground tuna was sold to restaurants and retailers and not directly to consumers, and that it was used to make sushi and other dishes. If you choose to buy or eat sushi or any product made with uncooked raw ground tuna, ask … [Read more...]

DNA Fingerprinting and the Tuna Sushi Salmonella Outbreak

The tuna sushi Salmonella outbreak now includes 200 people from 21 states and the District of Columbia, to find out how those illnesses were related, scientists used DNA fingerprinting. Since 1996, PulseNet, a nationwide network of 87 laboratories, has worked together to identify and unravel foodborne illness outbreaks by posting the DNA fingerprints of pathogens that have caused confirmed cases of illness on a shared database. “PulseNet has been a tremendously valuable tool for detecting outbreaks over the years,” said David Warshauer, deputy director of communicable disease at the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene, the lab that established the link between the tainted tuna and the outbreak patients. “For example, in this case we saw a cluster of Salmonella Bareilly and a … [Read more...]

It’s A Match: Wisconsin Links Recalled Tuna To Outbreak Strain

The Salmonella Bareilly outbreak strain that has sickened at least 160 people in 20 states and the District of Columbia is a genetic match to the strain found in recalled tuna produced by Moon Marine USA Corp., Wisconsin health officials announced today. The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) and the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene (WSLH) worked together to find the match that establishes the tainted tuna as the source of the outbreak. DATCP found Salmonella Bareilly in a sample of the recalled tuna and in a sample from a spicy tuna roll made with the recalled tuna and sent isolates of the strain to WSLH in Madison where health officials used Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis (PFGE) to find its genetic fingerprint. "What we do is take … [Read more...]

For Some Wisconsin Grocery Store Sushi Bars, It’s Business As Usual

At Grasch Foods, an upscale grocery store in Brookfield Wis., the tuna Salmonella outbreak caused a minor blip in sushi bar sales and then things went right back to normal, according to Seafood Manger, John Edgerton. Grasch buys only fresh fish for the sushi bar and Edgerton does most of the processing himself, he said, so the store was not among those affected by the recall of tainted  ground frozen tuna product, called Nakaochi Scrape, from Moon Marine USA Corp. in California. With 14 confirmed cases of salmonellosis, Wisconsin was hit hard by the tuna sushi Salmonella outbreak, which has sickened 160 people in 20 states and the District of Columbia, according to the latest update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The only states with more confirmed cases … [Read more...]

Now 141 Sickened; Raw Nakaochi Scrape Tuna Salmonella Outbreak Update

The CDC has just updated the investigation into the Salmonella Bareilly outbreak associated with raw Nakaochi Scrape raw tuna imported by Moon Marine USA Corporation. Now 141 people are ill and 21 of them have been hospitalized. This is the case count: Alabama (2) Arkansas (1) Connecticut (6) District of Columbia (2) Florida (1) Georgia (6) Illinois (13) Louisiana (3) Maryland (14) Massachusetts (9) Mississippi (2) Missouri (4) New Jersey (8) New York (28) North Carolina (2) Pennsylvania (6) Rhode Island (5) South Carolina (3) Texas (4) Virginia (8) Wisconsin (14) The 25 new cases are from: Connecticut (1), Georgia (1), Illinois (3), Louisiana (1), Maryland (3), Massachusetts (1), Mississippi (1), Missouri (2), New Jersey (1), New York (4), … [Read more...]

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