December 13, 2017

Jimmy John’s Food Poisoning Outbreak in Wisconsin

Jimmy John's restaurants have been linked to outbreaks of E. coli food poisoning in the past. Now an outbreak of norovirus has been linked to the Jimmy John's restaurant at 3910 Schofield Avenue in Weston, Wisconsin, according to the Marathon County Health Department in Wausau, Wisconsin. Lawyer Fred Pritzker, who represents people sickened by unsafe food, said, "No one should get sick just because they decided to get a sandwich for lunch. Restaurants have a responsibility to serve safe food that is not contaminated by pathogens." Sprouts were the culprit in past outbreaks of illness. A multistate outbreak of E. coli O26 infections was linked to raw clover sprouts at certain Jimmy John's restaurants in 2012, sickening 29 people and hospitalizing 7, some with a severe complication … [Read more...]

Outbreak Closes Jimmy John’s in Salt Lake City

A food poisoning outbreak and food safety violations at a Salt Lake City Jimmy John's have triggered its closure.  The restaurant, located on 605 East 400 South, was closed June 9 after health officials deemed it an imminent health hazard. At least a dozen people reported becoming ill after eating at the sandwich shop. Health officials are conducting lab tests to determine the source of the outbreak. Salt Lake County health officials inspected the location after receiving reports of illness and found a variety of food safety violations including: food employees working while ill an employee did not wash hands when changing gloves, an employee removed a loaf of bread from the pan with bare hands, fresh bread is being stored on the dirty dish drain board, an employee beverage is stored … [Read more...]

E coli Outbreak from Sprouts served at Jimmy John’s and other Restaurants … [Read more...]

Norovirus Sickened 282 at Jimmy John’s in Garden City, KS

Norovirus was the cause of a December food poisoning outbreak that sickened 282 people who ate at a Jimmy John's restaurant in Garden City, Kansas, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) has confirmed.  State and county officials worked together to determine the source of the outbreak which sickened customers who visited the restaurant from December 10 to December 24. The restaurant was inspected by the Kansas Department of Agriculture on December 18 and again on December 24. It closed voluntarily from December 24 through December 26 to clean and disinfect the restaurant. Norovirus is highly contagious. About half of all food posioning outbreaks are caused by norovirus, often a sick food handler is involved, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention … [Read more...]

E.coli Outbreak Victims Ate At Denver Area Jimmy John’s Stores

An E.coli outbreak has sickened eight people who ate at three Denver area Jimmy John's locations,  Fox 31 news has reported. Some of those sickened have been hospitalized, including a teenager whose friends told the station about the outbreak. Colorado health officials have not found the food item that caused the outbreak, although they strongly suspect it was produce served on the sandwiches. "Restaurants are legally responsible for illnesses caused by their food," said attorney Fred Pritzker, who recently won $4.5 million for an E. coli patient who developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a severe complication that causes kidney failure and other medical problems.  Pritzker says he and his Bad Bug Law Team have won many cases against restaurants where the food source was not … [Read more...]

Jimmy John’s Putting Sprouts Back on the Menu

According to a post on his Facebook page, the owner of Jimmy John's restaurant chain is putting sprouts back on the menu. He said, "I am rolling out a new sprout. Costs more for me, it's tougher to manage, but we think we hit a homerun on this one." Recalls of contaminated sprouts and food poisoning outbreaks linked to sprouts have become so common that they have been nicknamed "sproutbreaks". There have been nine major sprout recalls in the last 10 months in the United States. Food safety experts say that sprouts are inherently dangerous because the pathogenic bacteria become encapsulated in the seeds as they are formed, which means cleaning the seeds before sprouting them is ineffective. The warm, moist environment in which seeds sprouts is the perfect culture for bacterial … [Read more...]

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