December 14, 2017

Health Warning About Salmonella in Pride & Joy Raw Milk

An advisory about Salmonella in Pride & Joy raw milk products has been issued by the Washington State Department of Health. They are advising consumers not to drink this milk because it could cause serious illness. Routine sampling by WSDA found Salmonella in bottled organic retina raw milk collected from the Pride & Joy Dairy. The product has a best by date of October 4, 2017. All sizes of containers are part of this issue. There are no reported cases of human illness associated with this product. Pride & Joy is refusing to recall the milk. This is not the first time this dairy's milk has been found to be contaminated wth pathogenic bacteria. In 2011, Shiga toxin-producing E. coli bacteria were found in Pride & Joy raw milk. And in February 2017, E. coli bacteria … [Read more...]

Pride & Joy Raw Milk Recalled in WA for E. coli

Pride & Joy Creamery of Toppenish, Washington is recalling organic retail raw milk because it may be contaminated with E. coli bacteria that can cause serious illness. UPDATE: Although the February 8, 2017 recall notice states that no known illness are associated with the product "at this time," other news reports stated that some people may be sick, which was not accurate. Hector Castro, agricultural communications director, told Food Poisoning Bulletin that two Salmonella illnesses were reported to the Department of Health. Both people who were sickened consumed Pride & Joy raw milk products, which prompted the investigation of the Creamery's products. Salmonella was not found in the milk samples, although E. coli was. Shiga-toxin producing E. coli bacteria can cause … [Read more...]

Organic Pastures Raw Dairy Recalled Again for Salmonella

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) is recalling raw milk and cream produced by Organic Pastures Dairy of Fresno County again. This time the recall is for possible Salmonella contamination. Testing confirmed the presence of the pathogenic bacteria in raw whole milk and raw skim milk. No illnesses have been reported at this time. Under the recall, Organic Pastures Dairy brand raw milk, raw skim milk, and raw cream labeled with a USE BY date of JUN 01 2016 is to be pulled immediately from store shelves. Consumers are strongly urged to dispose of any product remaining in their refrigerators and not to consume them. CDFA inspectors found the bacteria as a result of product testing conducted in a follow to a previous recall order on May 9, 2016. Salmonella … [Read more...]

Gross Family Dairy Raw Milk Recalled in PA for Listeria Risk

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is warning consumers to discard raw milk sold by the Gross Family Dairy in South Sterling, Wayne County, in that state. The milk may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. Raw milk collected during routine sampling by a commercial laboratory on December 17, 2015 tested positive for the bacteria. No illnesses have been reported to date, but the illness caused by this pathogenic bacteria can take up to 70 days to appear. The milk was sold at the farm and in Stroudsburg, Monroe County, at Earthlight Natural Foods, the Stroudsburg Farmers Market and the Monroe Farmers Market. It may also have been sold at Dutch’s Market in Greentown, Pike County; Everything Natural in Clarks Summit, Lackawanna County; and at Matt’s Farm Stand in … [Read more...]

Organic Pastures Dairy Recalls Raw Milk for Campylobacter

The California Department of Food and Agriculture has announced a recall of raw milk produced at Organic Pastures Dairy of Fresno county after Campylobacter bacteria was found in raw whole milk. No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with the consumption of this product. A quarantine order has been announced by California State Veterinarian Dr. Annette Jones. Organic Pastures Dairy brand Grade-A raw milk labeled with a code date of OCT 24 2015 is to be pulled from retail shelves. Consumers are strongly urged to dispose of any product remaining in their refrigerators. The bacteria was discovered as a result of product testing conducted as part of routine inspector and sample collection at the facility. Products from Organic Pastures Dairy of Fresno have been recalled … [Read more...]

Claravale Raw Milk May be Associated with Campylobacter Outbreak

The California Department of Public Health warned consumers that consumption of unpasteurized (raw) milk may cause serious illness. Six people in northern California have been diagnosed with campylobacteriosis, a serious infection caused by Campylobacter bacteria. Multiple bottles of raw milk from Claravale Farm have tested positive for Campylobacter and have been recalled. In 2012, raw milk from Claravale farm sickened at least 22 people with Campylobacter. In this latest recall, raw milk, raw nonfat milk and raw cream from Claravale Farm in San Benito county with code dates of "MAR 28 and earlier should be disposed. Retailers should not sell it, and consumers should not drink it. The symptoms of a Campylobacter infection include diarrhea that is often bloody, abdominal cramping and … [Read more...]

Claravale Raw Milk Recalled for Campylobacter; Outbreak Possible

The California Department of Public Health is recalling raw milk, raw nonfat milk, and raw cream produced by Claravale Farm of San Benito County. This farm was the source of a Campylobacter outbreak in 2012 that sickened at least 22 people. Public health officials are also investigating reported clusters of Campylobacter illness in the area. A statewide recall has been issued and a quarantine order was issued by California State Veterinarian Dr. Annette Jones. A confirmed detection of Campylobacter bacteria was found in raw milk and raw cream collected from the farm. Consumers are urged to throw away any of this farm's milk products in their refrigerators that have code dates of "MAR 28" and earlier. Discard in sealed containers so other people and animals can't drink it. The samples … [Read more...]

Apple Valley Creamery Raw Milk in PA Recalled for Campylobacter

Raw milk from Apple Valley Creamery in East Berlin, Pennsylvania has been recalled for Campylobacter contamination, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. The samples taken January 8, 2015 tested positive for the pathogenic bacteria. If you purchased this milk, discard it immediately and do not drink it. The milk is sold at an on-farm retail store and through home delivery. Stores in Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, and Perry also carry the creamery's products. The raw milk is sold under the Apple Valley Creamery label in half gallon and quart glass containers with sell-by dates of February 9 and February 11, 2015. The dairy cannot sell any more raw milk until health department officials clear the facility. Raw milk is often contaminated with pathogenic bacteria, which … [Read more...]

Old Silvana Creamery Raw Milk Recalled for Possible Campylobacter

Raw milk from Old Silvana Creamery in Arlington, Washington state is being recalled for possible Campylobacter contamination. Raw milk with expiration dates of January 23 and January 24, 2015 is recalled. The product is sold in 15 stores in western Washington state. An independent lab discovered the pathogenic bacteria in a sample that is sent weekly for testing. No illnesses have been reported to date. Symptoms of a Campylobacter infection include abdominal cramps, diarrhea, pain, and fever. They usually occur within a few days after exposure. Serious complications from Campylobacter infections include Guillain-Barre syndrome, which can lead to paralysis. If you purchased this milk, do not drink it. Discard or return to the place of purchase for a refund.   … [Read more...]

Ropelato Dairy Disease Outbreak Spotlights Utah Raw Milk Law

A large Campylobacter outbreak associated with Ropelato Dairy in Ogden, Utah, is drawing attention to the state's "Raw Milk for Retail'' rules, legal code that allowed authorities to suspend Ropelato's state-authorized operating permit while officials investigate the cause of so many illnesses. So far, 45 cases of Campylobacter infection have been reported by the Utah Department of Health. The size of the current outbreak is almost as large as the 2002 raw milk outbreak in Ohio that is cited in the Utah Administrative Code as one reason the state's Department of Agriculture and Food -- with FDA concurrence -- "strongly advises against the consumption of raw milk'' for health reasons. According to a review of  Utah Rule R70-330 by Food Poisoning Bulletin, the state warns its residents … [Read more...]

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