May 29, 2024

No New Cases Reported in U of Arkansas E. coli Outbreak

No new cases have been reported in the U of Arkansas E. coli outbreak, according to the Arkansas Department of Health. That outbreak sickened at least 42 people, and four people were hospitalized because they were so ill. There have been no new cases reported since the last U of Arkansas E. coli outbreak update that was issued on August 25, 2023. And all of the previously hospitalized patients who tested positive for E. coli have been discharged. As of the August 31, 2023 update, 37 of those cases were probable based on reported symptoms, while five cases were confirmed with positive tests. The four hospitalized patients tested positive. Results from food samples taken for testing have not pointed to the source of the August outbreak. And the Department of Health has confirmed … [Read more...]

University of Arkansas E. coli Outbreak Sickens 42, Hospitalizes 4

The University of Arkansas E. coli outbreak has sickened at least 42 people and hospitalized four, according to the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH). The agency said that the outbreak seems to be past its peak, since no new patients have reported symptoms since August 25, 2023. As part of their investigation, the ADH sent a survey to people in northwest Arkansas and received 3,200 responses. So far, 37 patients are probable cases based on reported symptoms, while five patients are confirmed cases with positive test results. It has been reported that five patients were hospitalized. But the ADH stated that a previous hospitalization has been ruled out as part of the outbreak. Two patients remain in the hospital as of August 31, 2023. So far, officials do not know what may … [Read more...]

About 100 Sickened in E. coli Outbreak at University of Arkansas

According to Dr. Naveen Patil, Deputy State Health Officer for the Arkansas Department of Health, there are about 100 people sickened in an E. coli outbreak at the University of Arkansas, and four people have been hospitalized. A press conference was published on the University of Arkansas Pat Walker Health Center web site. Dr. Patil said the Department was notified that some University students had been hospitalized, and they started investigating. He said, "Having so many cases within a short period of time is concerning." He said that it appears that all of the hospitalized patients and those sickened are connected to the University in some way. The number changes every day, and more people could be hospitalized. He added that some of those who have been hospitalized have been … [Read more...]

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