May 28, 2024

West Seattle PCC Community Markets E. coli Outbreak Alleged

An alleged West Seattle PCC Community Markets E. coli outbreak has sickened at least five people, according to Public Health - Seattle & King County. One person has been hospitalized. That facility is located at 2749 California Avenue SW in Seattle, Washington. The strain of E. coli that is allegedly making people sick is Shiga toxin-producing E. coli O157:H7 (STEC). This pathogen produces Shiga toxins, which can travel through the bloodstream destroying red blood cells. If enough damaged red blood cells reach the kidney, they can clog small tubes in that organ called glomeruli and can cause kidney damage and failure, which is known as hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS). The illness onset date range is from February 14, 2024 to February 28, 2024. The date that the suspected … [Read more...]

Raw Milk E. coli Outbreak Sickens Two In Washington State

A raw milk E. coli outbreak has sickened at least two people in Washington state, according to the Washington State Department of Health. The patients got sick in mid-January and early February 2024. The patients were sickened with the same, highly related strain of Shiga toxin-producing E coli (STEC) bacteria. Both patients drank raw, or unpasteurized, milk, produced by Cozy Vale Creamery in Tenino, Washington, shortly before getting sick. The patients live in two counties: Grays Harbor and Pierce. On February 16, 2024, Cozy Vale Creamery recalled their raw milk and cream because of STEC contamination. The STEC bacteria in the milk was a different strain than the one that caused the two recent illnesses. At this time, there are no known illnesses associated with the strain found in … [Read more...]

PA Ag Department Searches Amos Miller Farm After illnesses

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has searched the Amos Miller farm in Upper Leacock Township after illnesses were reported when people allegedly consumed raw dairy products from that facility, according to news reports. The search took place on Thursday, January 4, 2023. Mr. Miller has been in litigation with the federal government for years because of alleged violations in food safety guidelines and food and meat inspection. Last year a consent decree was filed against the farm for allegedly avoiding USDA inspections and selling uninspected, misbranded meat. At that time the company was permanently enjoined, and, "Miller’s acknowledges that it has violated the injunction and agrees to pay fines for denying access to inspectors, and will either adhere to procedures for … [Read more...]

Miguel’s Cocina 4S Ranch E. coli Outbreak Sickens 13 in San Diego

A Miguel's Cocina 4S Ranch E. coli outbreak has sickened at least 13 people in San Diego, California, according to the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) officials.  That restaurant is located at 10514 Craftsman Way in San Diego. The pathogen that caused those illnesses is a Shiga toxin-producing E. coli strain (STEC). That means the bacteria produce a toxin called Shiga toxin that damages red blood cells and can cause kidney failure. The County Health Department of Environmental Health and the county's Epidemiology team are investigating the outbreak. The patient age range is from 6 to 87 years old. Seven people have been hospitalized. At least one person has developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), which is a type of kidney failure. Those patients … [Read more...]

Huntley High School E. coli Outbreak Sickens Six Students in Illinois

A confirmed Huntley High School E. coli outbreak has sickened at least six students in that school in Illinois, according to the McHenry County Department of Health. The Huntley Community School District 158 is working with the health department to respond to the Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) outbreak. That school is located at 13719 Harmony Road in Huntley. The first illness was identified on Sunday, September 17, 2023. At this time, officials do not know the source of the illnesses. The county is actively monitoring for potential cases, since E. coli is a reportable condition, and there are no other known cases in McHenry County outside of the school outbreak. School officials sent a letter to parents, students, and staff, telling them that they are taking the situation … [Read more...]

U of Arkansas E. coli Outbreak Not Linked to Public Dining Facilities

The University of Arkansas E. coli outbreak is most likely not linked to the University's public dining facilities, according to the Arkansas Department of Health. Officials are still investigating the outbreak, which has sickened about 100 students and has hospitalized four. That department has gathered and is analyzing survey data from more than 3,200 people to try to solve the outbreak. Officials do say, however, that it is "challenging" to try to identify E. coli cases without severe symptoms. Anyone who is cooking for themselves should protect themselves by cooking meats thoroughly and avoid cross-contamination between raw meats and foods that are eaten uncooked. It's also important to wash fruits and vegetables well before consumption, and avoid consuming unpasteurized … [Read more...]

About 100 Sickened in E. coli Outbreak at University of Arkansas

According to Dr. Naveen Patil, Deputy State Health Officer for the Arkansas Department of Health, there are about 100 people sickened in an E. coli outbreak at the University of Arkansas, and four people have been hospitalized. A press conference was published on the University of Arkansas Pat Walker Health Center web site. Dr. Patil said the Department was notified that some University students had been hospitalized, and they started investigating. He said, "Having so many cases within a short period of time is concerning." He said that it appears that all of the hospitalized patients and those sickened are connected to the University in some way. The number changes every day, and more people could be hospitalized. He added that some of those who have been hospitalized have been … [Read more...]

University of Arkansas E. coli Outbreak Sickens Students

A University of Arkansas E. coli outbreak has sickened an unnamed number of students and has hospitalized some, according to the Arkansas Department of Health and news reports. The press release states, "The university is working closely with public health officials to help identify the source of the outbreak and provide guidance to help prevent additional infections. At this time, based on what we know about the onset of symptoms, we believe the outbreak started more than a week ago." University officials and health department officials are working to identify the source of the outbreak. We don't know which foods they are focusing on, the number of students sick, or how many have been hospitalized. We also don't know the serotype of the bacteria that is causing this illness. It … [Read more...]

Tennessee E. coli Raw Milk Outbreak Sickened Two Infants

A Tennessee E. coli raw milk outbreak sickened two infants in 2022, according to a study conducted by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and published in their weekly Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. One of the babies developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) and became seriously ill. The milk was sold through a cow-share arrangement, since raw milk, or unpasteurized dairy, sales through retail outlets are illegal in that state. The two infants, who were 10 months old at the time, got sick on July 25 and August 1, 2022. Stool specimens tested positive for Shiga toxin-producing E. coli bacteria (STEC) by polymerase chain reaction. One of the infants developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a type of kidney failure, and was hospitalized for 27 days. The … [Read more...]

USDA Starts Testing Ground Beef For Big Six E. coli Strains, O157

The USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has started testing ground beef, bench trim, and other raw ground beef components for Shiga toxin-producing E. coli strains (STEC) that are adulterants. They include the "Big Six" O26, O45, O103, O111, O121, and O145 as well as O157. The testing started on February 1, 2023. This new program was announced in the Federal Register on June 4, 2020. Before this new program, the government only tested beef manufacturing trimmings for the Big Six and O157:H7. Otherwise, all raw beef products are tested for E. coli O157:H7 and Salmonella bacteria. FSIS has also started testing for the non-O157 STEC in ground beef samples collected at retail stores and in samples of imported raw beef products. Any positive results will be subject to … [Read more...]

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