February 26, 2024

Who is Most Susceptible to Food Poisoning Complications?

Who is most susceptible to food poisoning complications? In many recall notices and all notice of outbreaks, we mention that people who belong to certain groups should be very careful about foods contaminated with pathogens. The FDA calls these groups "at risk." These groups are more susceptible for several reasons. In some, their immune systems may be compromised by age or disease. In others, an illness means their body is less able to fight infections. Of the estimated 48,000,000 food poisoning infections that occur every year in the United States, about 128,000 people are hospitalized and there are 3,000 deaths. People who are in these at risk groups are at greater risk for developing serious complications. Pregnant Women During pregnancy, the mother's immune system is … [Read more...]

Minnesota Raw Milk Salmonella Outbreak Sickens Five Children

A Minnesota raw milk Salmonella outbreak has sickened five children in the Twin Cities Metro area, according to the Minnesota Department of Health. The pathogen sickening the children is Salmonella Typhimurium. One child was infected with two types of pathogenic E. coli in addition to the Salmonella. The families of two of the children have confirmed that they drank unpasteurized milk. Officials could not get information from the remaining families, but the bacteria from the cases is identical through lab analysis, which indicates the infections came from the same source. The patient age range is from 3 months to 10 years. The children got sick between the end of June and early July 2023. One child was hospitalized. Raw milk is milk that has not been heated to kill harmful … [Read more...]

Dove Song Dairy Raw Goat Milk Investigated in PA Campylobacter Outbreak

Dove Song Dairy raw goat milk is being investigated in a Pennsylvania  Campylobacter outbreak, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health. Three people are sick with Campylobacter infections after allegedly drinking the milk. Officials are warning that consumers should immediately discard any raw goat milk they purchased from that dairy. All sell by dates of this milk are included in this recall. Raw milk samples tested by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture were presumptively positive for Campylobacter. Dove Song Dairy raw goat milk was sold in plastic containers of different sizes, including gallon, half gallon, quart, and pint, at these locations: In Berks County, at Dove Song Dairy at 108 Siegfried Road in Bernville; Multiple … [Read more...]

Q fever Raw Milk Warning Issued by Missoula Public Health

A Q fever raw milk warning has been issued by Missouri County Public Health in Montana after two cows tested positive for the pathogen Coxiella burnetii, the bacteria that causes the illness. Milk that was recently sold at a local farmers market came from that herd. While one of the cows had not yet produced milk, the other produced about 10% of the farmer's yield. The farm was not named. Environmental Health Director Shannon Therriault said in a statement, "We don’t know if the cow was shedding the bacteria at the time it was milked, or if that cow’s milk was sold at the farmers market. So we can’t say for sure whether anyone was exposed. However, what we do know is that unpasteurized milk can contain harmful bacteria that can make you and your loved ones sick. "While … [Read more...]

Raw Farm Raw Milk Recalled in California For Campylobacter

Raw Farm raw milk is being recalled in California for possible Campylobacter contamination. The milk is produced and packaged by Raw Farm LLC of Fresno County, California. No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with the consumption of this unpasteurized milk. The farm is located at 7221 South Jameson Avenue in Fresno. The recall and quarantine order was announced by California State Veterinarian Dr. Annette Jones after Campylobacter was found in the farm's packaged whole raw milk. The milk was sampled and tested by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Routine sampling conducted at the farm found the pathogen. The recalled product is Raw Farm Whole Raw Milk that is packaged in half gallon (64 ounce) and gallon (128 ounce) plastic jugs. The code date … [Read more...]

Fifteen Tips to Avoid Food Poisoning

Whenever there is a good poisoning outbreak, odds are that the outbreak notice will include some information about how consumers can protect themselves against contaminated food. While it is illegal for companies to sell food contaminated with enough pathogens to make someone ill, it happens all the time. These 15 tips to avoid food poisoning may help. Despite efforts from the federal government, industry, food processors, and farmers, the number of food poisoning cases in America isn't going down. There are still about 48,000,000 cases of food poisoning every year in this country, with about 126,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths. But there are things you can do to protect yourself and your family. In fact, there are (at least) 15 tips to avoid food poisoning. Fifteen Tips … [Read more...]

Study Confirms that Raw Milk Is Linked to Foodborne Illness

A new study has confirmed that raw milk is linked to foodborne illness. During the time period of 2013 to 2018, 75 outbreaks that caused 675 illnesses were linked to unpasteurized milk. Of these illnesses, almost half were among children and teenagers aged o to 19 years. Given that the consumption of raw milk is low in this country, with only about 1 to 2% of the adult population buying it, these numbers are shocking. The study points out that almost 80% of those outbreaks occurred in states where the sale of raw milk is allowed. Raw milk and raw milk products are a public health challenge in the United States. And laws that encourage availability of unpasteurized milk are associated with more illnesses and outbreaks. Raw milk can be contaminated with many different pathogens, … [Read more...]

Eric and Jessica Nickol Raw Milk Recalled For Possible Listeria

Eric and Jessica Nickol raw milk is being recalled for possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination, according to the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets. The Eric and Jessica Nickol Farm is located at 995 County Highway 35 in Maryland, New York in Otsego county. No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with the consumption of this product. A sample of the milk that was collected by an inspector was found to be contaminated with the pathogen. The producer was notified about a preliminary positive test result on November 9, 2022. More laboratory testing that was completed on November 14, 2022 confirmed the presence of Listeria monocytogenes in the raw milk sample. The farm is now prohibited form selling raw, or unpasteurized, milk until more sampling … [Read more...]

BeiHollow Farm Raw Milk Recalled in PA For Possible Listeria Monocytogenes

BeiHollow Farm raw milk is being recalled in Pennsylvania for possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination. Raw whole milk and chocolate milk sold in that area are included in this recall. Officials are also advising consumers to discard BeiHollow pasteurized cheese melt and cup cheese for possible contamination. The recalled products are BeiHollow Farm raw whole and chocolate milk that was sold in plastic half and three-quarter gallon containers at BeiHollow Farm stores in Elizabethville and Lykens in Dauphin County. The cheese melt and cup cheese were packaged in various size containers, and they were sold in the same stores. The producer would not supply a list of other locations where the products were sold, so be aware of what you have purchased. No illnesses have been … [Read more...]

Valley Milk Simply Bottled Goat Milk Recalled For Campylobacter

Valley Milk Simply Bottled goat milk is being recalled for possible Campylobacter contamination. The milk is raw, or unpasteurized. It is the subject of a statewide recall and quarantine order announced by California State Veterinarian Dr. Annette Jones. The quarantine order follows the confirmed detection of the pathogen in the farm's packaged raw whole goat milk that was sampled and tested by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. The order applies to Valley Milk Simply Bottled Raw Goat Milk and DESI MILK Raw goat Milk that is distributed in half gallon (64 ounce) plastic jugs. The code date stamped on the containers is OCT 21 2022 through OCT 31 2022. Consumers are strongly urged to dispose of any of these products they may have purchased. Retailers are ordered to … [Read more...]

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