July 25, 2016

E. coli Outbreak in New Hampshire Associated with Ground Beef

An E. coli O157:H7 outbreak associated with ground beef has sickened at least 12 people in New Hampshire, according to the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DPHS). The outbreak began in June. All twelve have the same strain of E. coli. There is no word on if any of those sickened have been hospitalized. Marcella Bobinsky, Acting Director of DPHS, said,"The Division of Public Health Services is working with our federal partners to investigate the source of the ground beef that is causing people in New Hampshire to become ill. Ground beef is a known source of E. coli and it is important for people to avoid eating under-cooked ground beef whether at home or at a restaurant. Young children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to severe illness with this … [Read more...]

Kapowsin Meats Supplied Pork at Seattle Good Vibe Tribe Luau

According to the Seattle King County Health Department, a traceback investigation has confirmed that pork served at the Good Vibe Tribe Luau in Seattle where people were sickened with Salmonella food poisoning came from Kapowsin Meats, a facility in Graham, Washington. That slaughterhouse was involved in a large Salmonella outbreak last year. That outbreak in 2015 sickened 192 people in five states. Samples collected at Kapowsin Meats in Pierce County confirmed that the outbreak strain of Salmonella was present at the business. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) investigated that 2015 outbreak and found that the outbreak strains of bacteria were Salmonella I 4,[5],12:i:- and Salmonella Infantis. Most of the ill persons were from Washington. Thirty ill persons … [Read more...]

Salmonella Outbreak at Good Vibe Tribe Luau in Seattle

Public Health of Seattle and King County is investigating a Salmonella outbreak associated with attendance at the Good Vibe Tribe Luau that took place on July 3, 2016. The event was held at Golden Gardens Park at 8498 Seaview Pl NW in Seattle. As of July 15, 2016, at least four people have been sickened by the pathogenic bacteria. No one has been hospitalized in this outbreak. Salmonella case reports were received on July 11, July 12, and July 15, 2016. The common event exposure was identified during an interview on July 13, 2016. Public health investigators are looking at foods served during the luau to see what may have caused this outbreak. Foods served at the event included rotisserie roasted pig, parilla (barbecued beef), congri (black beans and rice), tropical fruit salad, … [Read more...]

Weekly Food Recall Roundup: July 17, 2016

This week's recalls include cake mix, candy and catfish. Food Recalls in the U.S. Pathogens Two flavors of Betty Crocker cake mix sold in the U.S. and one flavor sold in Canada have been added to General Mills’ previously announced E. coli flour recall from July 1, 2016.  Betty Crocker Delights Super Moist Party Rainbow Chip Cake Mix (called Betty Crocker Super Moist Rainbow Bit Cake Mix in Canada) and Betty Crocker Delights Super Moist Carrot Cake Mix. International Commissary Corporation recalled Marie Callender’s Cheese Biscuit Mix because it may be contaminated with E. coli O121. This product was made using recalled General Mills flour that is linked to a multistate food poisoning outbreak. No illnesses have been reported in connection to the Marie Callender’s … [Read more...]

CDC Says CRF Frozen Vegetables Listeria Outbreak Over

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released a statement that the Listeria monocytogenes outbreak linked to recalled CRF Frozen Foods products is over. Epidemiologic and laboratory evidence indicated that frozen vegetables produced by their facility in Pasco, Washington, and sold under different brand names were a "likely source of illness in this outbreak." People could still continue to get sick because the recalled products may be in their home freezers and those who don't know about the recall could still eat them. Nine people infected with the outbreak strain of Listeria have been reported in four states since September 13, 2013. All nine people were hospitalized, and three of them died. Listeriosis was considered to be a cause of death for one person in … [Read more...]

Salmonella Outbreak at Moshava California Camp Sickens 11

A Salmonella outbreak at Moshava California Camp in Running Springs in the San Bernardino mountains has sickened at least 11 people, according to the Jewish Journal. The camp is closing early so the Department of Environmental Health of San Bernardino County can inspect the site and clean it. The camp was originally supposed to end on July 17, but will close tomorrow, July 14, 2016, instead. The camp opened on June 27. About 180 campers were enrolled in this session. The camp is for children in grades 3 through 10. It is a branch of the religious Zionist youth movement. The symptoms of a Salmonella infection include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, chills, headache, muscle pains, and blood in the stool. These symptoms usually begin six to seventy-two hours after … [Read more...]

Carbon E. coli Outbreak: 50 Sick, 14 Hospitalized

The E. coli outbreak linked to Carbon Live Fire Mexican grill has expanded to include 50 people hospitalizing 14 of them, according to a spokesman for the Chicago Department of Public Health. The restaurant, located at 300 W. 26th Street in the South Side Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago, has been closed until the investigation is complete. The food source of the outbreak has not yer been identified. Health officials urge anyone who ate restaurant and develops symptoms of an E. coli infection which include abdominal cramping and diarrhea that can be bloody, to seek medical attention and mention exposure to shiga toxin producing E. coli (STEC).  E. coli infections should not be treated with antibiotics or anti-diarrheal medications as they can worsen symptoms or cause life-threatening … [Read more...]

General Mills Flour E. coli Outbreak Expands: 42 Sick in 21 States

The E. coli outbreak linked to General Mills flour has expanded to include 42 people in 21 states, an increase of four cases and one state, Indiana, since the last update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the agency reported today.  Also today, the Minneapolis-based company expanded the recall of Gold Medal Flour, Signature Kitchens Flour, and Gold Medal Wondra Flour to include additional lots. The recall expansion was triggered after a newly-reported illness was associated with raw dough or batter linked to flour produced last fall. Health officials have isolated the outbreak strain of shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC O121) was isolated from samples of General Mills flour collected from the homes of people who were sickened in Arizona, Colorado, and … [Read more...]

E. coli Outbreak Shows Dough for Play Isn’t Kid Friendly

Crayons and placemat games are familiar "kid friendly" activities restaurants provide to help young diners pass the time while waiting for dinner. Some also provide little ones with a ball of pizza dough to play with, a practice they may rethink in the wake of an E. coli outbreak linked to flour. The 20-state outbreak linked to General Mills flours sickened 38 people between December 21, 2015, and May 3, 2016. Three of the case patients, who range in age from 1 to 95, reported eating or playing with raw dough at restaurants before they became ill. (Nine others reported tasting raw dough or batter prepared at home.) The outbreak illustrates that raw eggs are not the only ingredient in dough that poses danger. E. coli can cause serious illness and death. Children under five are among … [Read more...]

Gillibrand, Slaughter, DeLauro, Feinstein to USDA: Revise Pathogen Testing

The USDA must revise poultry pathogen testing methods to improve accuracy and better protect public health, U.S. Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Dianne Feinstein and Representatives Rosa Luisa DeLauro and Louise Slaughter said in a letter to USDA Secretary Thomas J. Vilsack. The group penned the letter after learning from a recent report that antibacterial sanitizers used to kill pathogens on poultry carcasses may cause false-negative results for Salmonella. “We have to be vigilant when it comes to monitoring the safety of our food. This report is a reminder of the importance of good and efficient oversight when it comes to maintaining a safe food supply.” said Sen. Gillibrand, (D- NY). “We should never be placed in the position to question testing results in our poultry. The USDA … [Read more...]

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