June 17, 2024

Long History of Nut and Nut Product Outbreaks

In the wake of the current E. coli outbreak linked to organic walnuts, there is a long history of nut and nut product outbreaks. Nuts are an agricultural product, and just like leafy greens, herbs, and berries, can be contaminated with pathogenic bacteria. And nuts, like other types of produce, are often eaten without a consumer "kill step," in other words, cooking. History of Nut and Nut Product Outbreaks The current E. coli O157 outbreak allegedly linked to Gibson Farms organic walnuts and walnut pieces has sickened at least 12 people in two states, California and Washington. Seven of those patients have been hospitalized, and two people have developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a type of kidney failure. The walnuts have been recalled. In 2022, a Salmonella Senftenberg … [Read more...]

Backpackers Pantry Blueberry Peach Crisp Recalled For Almonds

Backpackers Pantry Blueberry Peach Crisp is being recalled because it contains almonds, or tree nuts, that are not included in the "contains" statement on the label that is required by the FDA. Almonds are included in the ingredient list. Anyone who is allergic to almonds could have a serious reaction if they eat this product. Because this recall lis listed on the FDA's Enforcement page and not the regular recall page, there is no mention about whether or not any allergic reactions have been reported to the company to date. The recalling firm is American Outdoor Products, Inc. of Boulder, Colorado. No pictures of the recalled product were provided on the recall. The recalled item is Backpackers Pantry Blueberry Peach Crisp that is packaged in 4.6 ounce pouches. The UPC number … [Read more...]

Food Club Garlic Powder Recalled For Undeclared Soy

B&G Foods is recalling Food Club Garlic Powder in 5.37 ounce packages and certain best by dates, because it contains soy, one of the major food allergens, that is not declared on the label. The container actually contains bacon-flavored bits, which are made with soy. Anyone who is allergic to soy could have a serious reaction if they eat this product. No allergic reactions or consumer complaints related to this matter have been reported to the company to date. There is no health risk associated with this product for people who are not allergic to soy. The recalled product, which may have been sold in retail stores nationwide, is Food Club Garlic Powder, packaged in 5.37 ounce (152 gram) containers. The UPC number on the label is 0-36800-38295-4. The best by dates are NOV 19 22 … [Read more...]

High Salt Diets May Make You More Susceptible to Food Poisoning

A new study conducted at the University of Bonn in Berlin has fond that eating too much salt weakens the immune system, which may make people more susceptible to foodborne illness. Of course, it makes you more vulnerable to all other bacterial infections as well. And a high sodium diet causes hypertension, a risk factor for heart attacks and strokes. In the study, mice who where fed a high salt diet suffered from "much more severe" bacterial infections. Human volunteers were then fed an additional six grams of salt per day. They also showed "pronounced immune deficiencies." The amount of extra salt they were given is the salt content of two fast food meals. The study says that people should eat five ¬†grams of salt a day, no more. That is the maximum daily amount recommended by … [Read more...]

Some I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter Recalled after E. coli Outbreak

The SoyNut Butter Company is voluntarily recalling their I.M. Healthy Original Creamy SoyNut Butter with the Best By dates of 8-30-18 and 8-31-18. This recall is in response to the FDA's investigation of an E. coli O157:H7 outbreak that has sickened at least 12 people in five states. The press release from the company states that this recall does not affect any other I.M. Healthy products. However, the CDC, FDA, and the state governments of Arizona, California, and Maryland are telling consumers not to eat any I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter products, including their SoyNut Butter coated granola, until more information about the outbreak is available. These products have a long shelf life and are in consumers' homes. If you purchased any I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter products, do not eat … [Read more...]

FDA Evaluating Salmonella Risk in Tree Nuts

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is requesting comments, data, and other information for an assessment of the risk of Salmonella associated with tree nut consumption. Public health officials are trying to quantify the risk associated with tree nuts and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions to prevent contamination. There have been several outbreaks and many recalls of tree nuts for Salmonella contamination in the past 12 years. In 2001, raw whole almonds contaminated with the bacteria were linked to a Salmonella Enteriditis outbreak that sickened 11 in the U.S. and 157 in Canada. In 2003, the same bacteria in whole raw almonds sickened 29 people in 12 states and one province in Canada. In February 2013, an appeals court ruled that the USDA can required pasteurization of raw … [Read more...]

Court: USDA Can Require Pasteurization or Treatment Of Almonds

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has the authority to require California almond growers to pasteurize or chemically treat nuts to kill pathogens before they are sold, the U.S. Court of Appeals has ruled. The ruling comes five years after Nick Korteoff, an organic California almond farmer, and others first filed suit saying the USDA had overstepped its bounds by requiring such a treatment. The conflict began after a 2003 Salmonella outbreak linked to raw almonds sickened 29 people in 12 states.¬† Another outbreak had occurred two years earlier. In response to the outbreaks, the USDA secretary published in the Federal Register a rule proposing that almonds grown and sold domestically be pasteurized or treated with chemicals to prevent illness. As one of California's biggest … [Read more...]

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