November 29, 2015

Meat Blender Contaminated Chocolate Mousse with E. coli

When an E. coli outbreak at the Twisted Fork in Reno, Nevada was linked to a dessert item prepared by another company,  many wondered: what can it be? Something containing fresh berries? Something made from unpasteurized dairy? Nope. It turns out that the chocolate mousse made for the restaurant by Reno Provisions that gave 22 people E. coli infections was contaminated when a blender used for meat that was not cleaned properly before it was used again to make the mousse. Washoe County Health District led the investigation into the outbreak which sickened 22 people who ate at the restaurant between mid-October and mid-November. The Health District directed Reno Provisions to establish plans through a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system approach, which address the … [Read more...]

Celery E. coli Recall Includes Walmart, Target, Albertons, Safeway and Starbucks

An E. coli outbreak that has sickened 19 people in seven states has been linked to tainted celery produced by Taylor Farms. So far, most of the E. coli O157:H7 illnesses have been linked to rotisserie chicken salad sold at Costco, but 71 products sold by other retailers have also been recalled. Retailers affected by the recall include Walmart, 7-Eleven, Target, Costco, King Soopers, Pantry, Savemart, Safeway, Vons,  Albertons, Tony's and Starbucks. The recalled products include deli salads, salad kits, sandwiches and wraps. (To see the full list, click the link on "celery" above. ) Consumers who have purchased these products should not eat them as they risk serious illness if they do. E. coli O157:H7 produces Shiga toxins that cause illness. Symptoms of an E. coli infection … [Read more...]

E. coli Outbreak Prompts Huge Taylor Farms Celery Recall

An E. coli outbreak that has sickened 19 people has triggered a massive recall of products containing Taylor Farms celery.  Consumers who have purchased these products should not eat them as E. coli can cause serious illness and death. At least 19 people in seven states have already been sickened, two of them have hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) a life-threatening complication that causes kidney failure. The recalled products include vegetable trays sold at Walmart and 7-Eleven; wraps and salads sold at Target; prepared salads sold at Costco; salad sold at King Soopers; salads and wraps sold at Pantry and Savemart; salad kits, veggie trays and salads at Safeway, Vons and Albertons; the Holiday Turkey Sandwich sold at Starbucks; and salad kits at Tony's. A celery and diced onion … [Read more...]

Twisted Fork E. coli Outbreak Linked to Dessert from Reno Provisions

An E. coli outbreak at the Twisted Fork in Reno, Nevada has been linked to desserts manufactured by Reno Provisions. At least 21 people were sickened in the outbreak. The restaurant temporarily closed during the investigation, but will reopen on Tuesday. Health officials will now shift the investigation to Reno Provisions. Symptoms of an E. coli infection include abdominal cramps and diarrhea that can be bloody. Anyone who has these symptoms should see a doctor.   … [Read more...]

Apple Cider Outbreak in Pike County, IL Grows to 70 Sick

The food poisoning outbreak linked to apple cider consumed and sold at the Pike County Fall Color Drive in Illinois on October 17 and 18, 2015 has grown to include at least 70 people as of November 6, 2015. Adams and Pike County Health Departments are investigating the outbreak. Those sickened drank apple cider from vendors at several different locations during the event. Those sickened have been experiencing diarrhea, cramping, and vomiting. Case patients range in age from less than one year to 89 years old. Several people have been hospitalized because their illnesses have been so serious. The illness onset rates in this outbreak range from October 18 through November 4, 2015. New illnesses are being reported daily, according to public health officials. Symptoms include profuse … [Read more...]

Multistate Food Poisoning Outbreaks are Deadliest Says CDC

Just 3 percent of food poisoning outbreaks include case patients from multiple states, yet these multistate outbreaks account for the most fatalities stemming from food poisoning outbreaks, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). About 56 percent of all outbreak fatalities are associated with those that involve multiple states. Multistate outbreaks also account for 34 percent of all hospitalizations and 11 percent of all illnesses associated with food poisoning outbreaks. Why do these less common outbreaks produce such serious illness? The germs. Almost all multistate outbreaks can be attributed to just three kinds of bacteria: E. coli, Listeria and Salmonella. All of them produce infections that can cause serious illness and … [Read more...]

CDC: Chipotle STEC E. Coli O26 Outbreak Sickens 41, Hospitalizes 14

The source of the Chipotle outbreak that has sickened 39 people in Washington and Oregon is shiga toxin-producing E. coli, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has confirmed in its initial report on the outbreak. Fourteen people have been hospitalized. Shiga toxins cause serious illness by damaging red blood cells and can trigger complications such as hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) which leads to kidney failure. HUS can also cause seizure, stroke, coma and death. Lab tests to determine the genetic fingerprint of the E. coli for all case patients are ongoing. Isolates from five people- two in Washington and three in Oregon had the same DNA fingerprint of shiga toxin-producing E. coli. At this time, the CDC does not believe Chipotle locations in other states are … [Read more...]

Granny Smith Apples Sold at Mike’s Discount Foods Recalled for Listeria, E. coli and Salmonella

Granny Smith apples sold at Mike's Discount Foods stores in Anoka and Fridley are being recalled for Listeria, E. coli and Salmonella. Consumers who have purchased these apples should not eat them as they risk serious illness if they do. The apples are being recalled by Northstar Produce Inc. of St. Louis Park, Minnesota. The apples are being recalled because they tested positive for all three bacteria. No illnesses had been reported at the time of the recall, but Listeria infections can take as long as 70 days after exposure to develop. Listeria monocytogenes can cause a serious, sometimes fatal infection called listeriosis. Those most at risk are young children, seniors, those with weakened immune systems and pregnant women among whom listeriosis can cause miscarriage, stillbirth, … [Read more...]

Consumer Advisory Issued for Uncle John’s Apple Cider for E. coli

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development issued a consumer advisory for Uncle John's Old Fashioned Apple Cider produced by Uncle John's Cider mill in St. Johns, Michigan because it may be contaminated with Shiga toxin-producing E. coli bacteria. A random sample collected by a government inspector tested positive for the pathogenic bacteria. No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with the consumption of this product. The recall is for about 1,200 gallons of cider produced on October 17, 2015. The cider was sold at the cider mill from the retail cooler, packaged in various sized plastic jugs with a sell-by date of October 30, 2015, or served directly to consumers by the cup as cold cider, frozen cider slushes, and hot cider from October 18 through … [Read more...]

E. coli Evolved to Become Deadly 30 Years Ago, New Study Finds

E. coli O157:H7 evolved to become deadly 30 years ago, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Edinburgh and Public Health England. The study explains why deadly outbreaks of began in the 1980s and demonstrates why the bacteria should be monitored closely, researchers say, E.coli bacteria have been living  in the intestines of people and animals for at least 175 years. Most strains are harmless. But some, such as of E. coli O157:H7, produce shiga-toxins, which cause serious infections in humans. Of the two types of these shiga-toxins they identified,  stx1 and stx2a, researchers day stx2a causes the most serious illnesses. Although the show no signs of the disease, cows are the main source of E. coli O157. Animals infected with strains producing the stx2a … [Read more...]

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