September 21, 2023

Abbott Nutrition Recalls Ready to Feed Liquid Infant Formula

Abbott Nutrition is recalling certain bottles of ready to feed liquid infant formula because a small percentage of those products, which are less than 1% of the recalled amount, have bottle caps that may not have sealed properly. That could result in spoilage and could cause symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting. The recalled product brands include Similac® Pro-Total ComfortTM, Similac® 360 Total Care®, Similac 360 Total Care Sensitive, Similac® Special Care® 24, Similac Stage 1, Similac® NeoSure®, Similac Water (Sterilized) and Pedialyte Electrolyte Solution. The products included in the recall were manufactured at the company's facility in Columbia, Ohio. The recall notice does not state whether or not any illnesses have been reported. The recall does not include ny other … [Read more...]

Oyster Kings Oysters Recalled For Possible Salmonella

Oyster Kings Oysters are being recalled in Canada for possible Salmonella contamination. The oysters were sold to hotels, restaurants, and institutions in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec and may have been distributed in other provinces and territories. No illnesses have been reported to the company to date in connection with this issue. The recalling firm is Oyster Kings Inc. The recalled products are all Oyster Kings oysters. They include Acadian Gold Oysters Choice Oysters, Acadian Pearl Oysters Cocktail Oysters, Baccarat Cocktail Oysters, Capitaine Barney Oysters Jewel Oysters with Firebarns brand Tequila Lime Hot Sauce, Coffret De L'Arcadie Jewel Oysters Cocktail Oysters Choice Oysters, Honeymoon Choice Oysters, No. 69 Jewel Oysters, Nuit Blanche Jewel Oysters, Opus Choice … [Read more...]

Keswick Creamery Cheeses Recalled For Possible Listeria

Keswick Creamery cheeses, made from both raw and unpasteurized milk, are being recalled for possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination. This recall was not posted on the FDA's main food recall page, but is on the Access Data FDA Enforcement report pages. This establishment is Keswick Creamery at Carrock Farms LLC that is located at 114 Lesher Road in Newburg, Pennsylvania. This is a voluntary recall that was initiated by the firm. The cheeses were distributed in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania in stores and at farmers markets. This type of recall notice does not state whether or not anyone has been sickened in relation to the consumption of these products. The recall notice states that "All products manufactured by the firm have the potential to be … [Read more...]

Antica Ocean Citron Hand Sanitizer Recalled For Benzene

Antica Ocean Citron Hand Sanitizer is being recalled because it contains benzene. No reports of adverse events have been reported to the company to date in connection with this problem. The recalling firm is Salon Technologies International, Inc. in Orlando, Florida. Benzene is a human carcinogen. People are exposed to benzene through inhalation, consumption, or through the skin. Depending on the level of exposure and duration, benzene can cause leukemia, blood cancer of the bone marrow, and other life-threatening blood disorders. This product is used to help reduce bacteria on the skin when soap and water are not available. The recalled product is 512 bottles of Antica Ocean Citron Hand Sanitizer that is packaged in bottles. The size of the bottle was not supplied. The product … [Read more...]

Similac Alimentum Infant Formula Recalled For Packaging Defect

Similac Alimentum Infant Formula is being recalled for a possible packaging defect. This recall notice was posted on the FDA's Enforcement Report web page on September 7, 2022, and is not on the usual FDA recall page, so we do not know if any adverse events have been reported to the company to date. The recalling firm is Abbott Nutrition of Columbus, Ohio. The recalled product is Similac Alimentum Infant Formula that is packaged in 32 ounce re-closable plastic bottles. There are eight bottles in each case, and about 720 bottles are included in this recall. The Batch/Lot Number that is stamped on each bottle is  41740RH00. The product number that is printed on the label is  57512 And the Best By date is 06/01/23 (June 1, 2023). This infant formula was distributed in Michigan and … [Read more...]

Tootsie Baby Teethers Recalled For Microbial Contamination

Tootsie Baby Teethers are being recalled in Canada for possible microbial contamination. The products are Tootsie Baby Water-Filled Teethers and Teether Keys. No reports of incidents or illness have been reported to the company as of August 11, 2022. The Tootsie Baby Teethers were manufactured in China. The manufacturer is Ningbo Raffini Import & Export of Jiang Wei District in Ningbo, China, and the distributor is CTG Brands Inc. of Vaughan, Ontario. About 9,901 units of this product were sold in Canada from March 2022 through August 2022. The recalled products include Water-Filled Teether Keys with lot number 44003/08 and UPC number 062823050662, and Water-Filled Teethers with lot number 44003/06 and UPC number 062823050648. You can see pictures of the recalled products at the … [Read more...]

Lyons Magnus Recalls 53 Nutritional Products For Contamination

Lyons Magnus is recalling 53 nutritional and beverage products for possible microbial contamination, including Cronobacter sakazakii. This pathogen is most serious and can cause illness and death in infants. The list of recalled products does not include products that are intended for infants under the age of one. The recaling firm is Lyons Magnus LLC of Fresno, California. Infection related to Cronobacter is rare, but people can get sick from it. The most common symptoms include fever, vomiting, and urinary tract infections. No illnesses related to the consumption of these products has been reported to the company to date. Preliminary root cause analysis indicates that these products did not meet commercial sterility specifications. These products are packaged in various formats … [Read more...]

Dose Vital VIP Vital Honey Recalled For Undeclared Drugs

Dose Vital VIP Vital Honey is recalled because it contains Tadalafil, a prescription drug, that is not declared on the label. Tadalafil, which is a phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE-5) inhibitor, is the active ingredient in an FDA-approved prescription drug. This drug can interact with nitrates in some prescription drugs and can lower blood pressure to dangerous levels. Some people who have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or heart disease often take nitrates. No adverse events have been repeated to date in connection with the consumption of this product. The recalling firm is MKS Enterprise LLC. The recalled product is Dose Vital VIP Vital Honey that is packaged in a black box. It contains 12 sachets of 15 grams of honey. There are different expiration dates stamped on … [Read more...]

Kingdom Honey Royal Honey VIP Recalled For Sildenafil

Kingdom Honey Royal Honey VIP is being recalled for undeclared Sildenafil, a prescription drug that is only authorized for use under the care of a physician. The recalling firm is The recall notice does not state whether or not any illnesses or adverse reactions have been reported. Sildenafil can cause dangerously low blood pressure, since it can interact with nitrates found in some prescription drugs. Anyone who has high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart disease often take nitrates. The FDA included this company in warning letters about this issue. The recall was triggered after FDA laboratory analysis confirmed that the product contains Sildenafil. The recalled product is Kingdom Honey Royal Honey VIP that is packaged in a gold box. It contains 12 sachets … [Read more...]

FDA Alert on Plug Heist Trap House Homemade Infant Formula

The FDA has issued an alert on Plug Heist Trap House oh baby homemade infant formula. This product was not manufactured in compliance with infant formula regulations and was not tested to ensure it meets the strict nutritional requirements for infant formula. The company also did not submit the required pre-market notification to the FDA, as required by law. It's important to note that homemade infant formulas have not been evaluated by the FDA for safety and may lack nutrients that are vital to their growth. The FDA conducted an investigation at the firm's location, which is a home residence. The formula was made with astragalus root, elderberry, echinacea, organic apples, organic carrots, cat nip, sea moss, bananas, hemp, soursop, chamomile, and oatmeal. It claims to be dairy … [Read more...]

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